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Alcohol Rehab - how to get the support and help you need

Alcohol Rehab: A Guide To Getting Help in the UK

This article is medically reviewed by Doctor Peter McCann, MSC, MBBS. Dr McCann is a is a Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Resident at Duke University Hospital, USA.  If you’re looking for information on alcohol rehab, you’re probably worried that someone has a problem with alcohol. Maybe it’s someone you love, or maybe you’re worried about yourself.  Before you read any further, please remember these three things: Problems with alcohol are more common than you think Things can get better (and will if you take the right steps)  Nobody should go through this alone…  This article aims to set out everything…

Wim’s Recovery Story

A personal story about recovery from alcoholism told by Wim. His story reminds us of the power of the example of others doing the right thing….