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Opioids, sometimes called narcotics, are a type of drug that include strong prescription pain relievers.

Is Alcohol Giving Me Insomnia?

The Link Between Alcohol and Insomnia Many people see alcohol consumption as a promoter of drowsiness. However, the opposite may be true. The build-up of tolerance and its effect on brain chemistry can disturb sleep patterns within a relatively short time. Regular heavy alcohol use is likely to disrupt sleep patterns seriously. Alcohol is a sedative that many people consume in the evening to help them unwind and ultimately sleep. This may initially work for them, but tolerance is established in a relatively short time, which requires increasing amounts of alcohol to obtain the same drowsiness. Jump to: Factors affecting…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Response

Castle Craig is open and we continue to offer our much needed residential addiction treatment for patients during the Coronavirus pandemic. Travel to Scotland from the rest of the UK and all European countries is allowed and our admissions team can advise you on the latest Scottish Government advice.  These are difficult times and we want to reassure our patients, their families and people who desperately need treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, that we are committed to providing the safest environment for recovery possible. We have taken special measures to ensure that our clinic operates safely and some complementary…

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The Narcissist and Addiction

What is narcissism? Narcissism refers to a very specific pattern of thinking and behaving. A narcissist is defined as someone who has an unhealthy obsession with themselves. Narcissists are incredibly self-absorbed and typically lack empathy. On the surface, people with narcissism can appear confident. In reality, they’re masking fragile self-esteem. Their desperate need for validation means they behave in ways that can be difficult for those around them.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder Society uses the label of ‘narcissist’ to refer to anyone who behaves in a narcissistic manner. This includes people with…

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Stomach Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Why does my stomach hurt when I drink alcohol? A stomach ache after drinking alcohol might seem harmless or a nuisance, but it could be a sign of something more serious. You might have a problem called alcoholic gastritis.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions What is alcoholic gastritis? Gastritis means inflammation of the stomach. The word gastritis comes from gastric which means “of the stomach” and itis which means “inflammation”. The walls of our stomachs are sensitive. If we expose them to excessive volumes of alcohol, they can become irritated and damaged. This damage leads to abdominal pain and…

Average residential stay in rehab

Understanding the severity of your addiction

How Bad is Your Addiction? So, you want to know if your addiction is severe enough for treatment. The fact that you’ve found us, or are asking Google questions about your alcohol or drug abuse, might be proof enough that you need help.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions We do not need to waste time detailing physical and psychological signs of addiction – you know the effects alcohol and drugs has over your mind and body, the question is ‘are you bad enough?’ Let’s find out… The quickest and most accurate way to tell Free addiction assessments provided by…

Muslim Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Finding hope again: Essential advice for overcoming alcohol addiction as a Muslim If you’re a Muslim, you will undoubtedly know that drugs and alcohol are Haram (forbidden).  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions If you’re struggling with dependency or addiction issues, or know someone who is, we know how difficult it can be to admit to the problem, let alone seek any help for it. It’s difficult for the average person to accept their condition, let alone someone bound by faith, pride and their community. “The intense stigma that many Muslims associate with substance abuse can stop people seeking life-saving…

I wish I knew then what I know now: a journey through rehab

I wish I knew then what I know now: a journey through rehab

When you are ill and in the throes of addiction, disasters seem to follow you around When you are ill and in the throes of addiction, disasters seem to follow you around while drinking, lying, sleeping, crying, using, shouting or simply blacking out.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions One thing is certain though: you know absolutely nothing about getting sober.  Denial is something that therapists frown on, but for the active alcoholic, it can keep you and your addiction alive. “It’s not too bad, it will get better, she/he will fix me, that car/job/new phone will magically make everything…

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How to Deal with Stress without Alcohol

Stress is a natural reaction that occurs in response to our everyday experiences, and we all have to deal with it from time to time Whether it comes from our day-to-day responsibilities like work and family, or serious events such as illness or death, stress is an inevitable part of our lives.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Problems may occur, however, if you begin dealing with stressful situations using unhealthy methods, like turning to alcohol. This page will explore how using alcohol to cope with stress can cause further harm to your wellbeing while also outlining helpful ways to…

Why Does Alcohol Cause the Shakes?

  This article is medically reviewed by Dr Peter McCann, MSC, MBBS. Dr McCann is a is a Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Resident at Duke University Hospital, USA.     What are ‘the shakes’ and what causes them? The ‘alcohol shakes’ is a term to describe tremors caused by Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, which occurs in some frequent alcohol users when they suddenly stop drinking.   Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions It is part of a condition called alcohol withdrawal syndrome that occurs in around 50% of people with heavy alcohol use. In the mild form, typical symptoms other than tremor…

Castle Craig Rated ‘Exceptional’ in Latest HIS Inspection

Castle Craig had an inspection from our regulators Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) recently and today we have received the official report.  They found our infection prevention and control policies and procedures, were excellent and comprehensive. They commented on the thorough Covid-19 risk assessments which had been carried out and the effective processes we had in place to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.   The inspectors commented on the positive attitude and evident teamwork of all the staff that they spoke to, and also the supportive and appreciate attitude of the patients. HIS uses the ratings ‘Exceptional’, ‘Good’, ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’…

BUPA: How to pay for private rehab with BUPA Insurance

Bupa has a comprehensive mental health insurance coverage policy. They cover a variety of illnesses including addiction to alcohol and drugs and can fund treatment at a residential rehab clinic depending on the individual’s coverage policy. Castle Craig is a Bupa-accredited provider of residential addiction treatment. We have received their Covid-19 Safety badge that demonstrates our dedication to Covid-19 safety standards in relation to testing, infection control and use of PPE. View our Bupa page here.  Insurance through Bupa for residential rehab treatment programmes usually covers detoxification, medical and psychiatric assessments, therapy, room and board costs, fitness and continuing care….

8 Reasons to Spend Christmas in Rehab

Would you believe it if we said that Christmas is the perfect time of year to leave your family behind, forget the parties and gatherings and Christmas shopping, and Christmas markets and go to rehab?  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions However, if you’re struggling with alcohol, drugs, or any type of addiction, it could be the best time of year for you to go for rehab treatment. Not only will you give yourself an opportunity to escape a challenging and trigger-filled environment but you create an opportunity to get ahead on your New Year’s resolutions and begin the new…

Alcohol Rehab - how to get the support and help you need

Alcohol Rehab: A Guide To Getting Help in the UK

This article is medically reviewed by Doctor Peter McCann, MSC, MBBS. Dr McCann is a is a Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Resident at Duke University Hospital, USA.  If you’re looking for information on alcohol rehab, you’re probably worried that someone has a problem with alcohol. Maybe it’s someone you love, or maybe you’re worried about yourself.  Before you read any further, please remember these three things: Problems with alcohol are more common than you think Things can get better (and will if you take the right steps)  Nobody should go through this alone…  This article aims to set out everything…

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Royal College of Psychiatrists show drinking has nearly doubled since lockdown

High-risk drinking has nearly doubled since lockdown, reports the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and addiction services are in desperate need of funding. Castle Craig’s data supports this, with website visitors more than doubling, a record number of daily enquiries to our Help Desk, and a rising number of enquiries about the Castle Telehealth online addiction therapy programme.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions The Royal College of Psychiatrists today issued a statement after analysing data from Public Health England which shows that the rate of people in England drinking “high risk” amounts of alcohol has almost doubled at 19% in…

Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinic

Castle Craig is a privately-run residential rehab clinic that provides treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addiction. We are located close to Glasgow, Scotland, and have many ties to the Glasgow medical community. It is possible to drive to Castle Craig from Glasgow International Airport in an hour and we regularly provide pick-ups for our patients who come from Glasgow. Residential Rehab Treatment Clinic, near Glasgow At Castle Craig, our mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective treatment for our patients from Glasgow and across Strathclyde and Scotland and the UK. We offer many different options for…

Coronavirus alcohol drinking home

Alcohol and Viral Immunity – Heavy Drinking Increases the Risk of Virus Infection

Excessive alcohol consumption is known to cause damage to both the physical and mental well-being, especially if consumed regularly or in large amounts. More so, it can lead to a lowered immune response, particularly when combined with stress.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Castle Craig’s Medical Director, Professor Jonathan Chick, advises that during the COVID-19 pandemic it is important to avoid regular heavy drinking and heavy drinking sessions. Reducing or ceasing heavy drinking should improve immunity within days, (except in the case of liver damage). It is advisable to take extra precautions to keep ourselves and each other safe….

Alcohol Anxiety Panic Attacks

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Alcoholism

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a highly complex, stigmatised, and often misunderstood mental illness. So is alcoholism. Either one can make life very difficult for a person. Having both makes for an even bigger problem. Sadly, the rate of comorbidity between BPD and addiction, especially to alcohol, is extremely high. About half of those diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder meet the criteria for substance abuse or alcohol abuse disorder. BPD has one of the highest rates of dual diagnosis with alcoholism among all psychological illnesses.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions When a person has both BPD and alcoholism, diagnosis…

Edinburgh rehab

Edinburgh Alcohol and Drug Rehab Clinic

Welcome to Castle Craig Alcohol and Drug Addiction Clinic, near Edinburgh, Midlothian Castle Craig is a private residential rehab clinic near Edinburgh which provides treatment for alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. Established in 1988 we have forged close ties with the private and NHS medical community in and around Edinburgh and across Scotland. Our Clinic is Near Edinburgh Driving to Castle Craig clinic from Edinburgh and the Lothians takes from 30 minutes. We regularly pick up patients from central Edinburgh, Edinburgh Waverley, the Lothian area, and Edinburgh International Airport. Thinking about Addiction Rehab Close to Edinburgh Why attend a residential…

Castle Craig Reviews

Read reviews by former patients and doctors recommending Castle Craig as a top rehab clinic for addiction treatment….

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Detox from alcohol & drugs is the first stage of our residential rehab treatment programme. At Castle Craig rehab we prescribe individualised detoxification plans….

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Family Therapy

Involvement of family members in alcohol & drug treatment & strong support networks of friends and colleagues is vital to successful addiction recovery….

One to one therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a cornerstone of rehab treatment at Castle Craig. Patients speak in complete privacy with a specialist addiction therapist….

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a structured, short-term approach which works well with the time-scale of treatment at our addiction rehab clinic. Together the patient and therapist set an agenda with goals for the session…