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Is it Safe to Mix Sleeping Tablets and Alcohol?

The Dangers of Mixing Sleeping Pills & Alcohol It is never safe to mix sleeping tablets and alcohol, as both are powerful drugs that are potentially lethal if abused. Together, they become a lot more dangerous, and there are better ways of improving sleeping habits. Jump to: Sleeping tablet risks | Overdose | Getting help for dual addiction Types of sleeping aids currently in use The most typical types of sleeping aids currently prescribed in Europe, including the UK, are: Benzodiazepines, such as Temazepam, which are essentially tranquillisers Z drugs, such as Zopiclone, which are not benzodiazepines but very similar…

A health care provider may give you a prescription opioid to reduce pain after you have had a major injury or surgery.

Does Alcoholism Cause Rhinophyma?

What Is An “Alcoholic Nose” Or Rhinophyma? In the past, Rhinophyma, characterised by a large, red, unsightly nose, was put down to alcohol abuse. Pejorative descriptions such as ‘Drinker’s nose’ have been commonly used. However, there is no direct causal link that has been established between Rhinophyma and alcoholism, and people who never drink can get Rosacea, often a precursor to Rhinophyma. But, research shows that alcohol can increase the risk of getting Rosacea and trigger the progression from Rosacea to Rhinophyma. Jump to: Dangers | Causes | Symptoms | Effects Quick alcohol rehab links What is rehab like? How…

7 reasons you might be addicted to alcohol

7 reasons you might be addicted to alcohol

What Causes Alcoholism? There is great debate about the reasons for alcoholism and what causes it. It boils down to the question “why am I the way I am?” or “why am I different from my friends and family?”  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Often one sibling in a family will be addicted to a substance, but the others live completely free of addiction. There are however factors that occur regularly in the background of many alcoholics and these undoubtedly have a strong influence on a person’s future behaviour. 1. Nature or nurture? Most experts believe that alcohol addiction…