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How Substituting Habits Can Help You Stay Sober

One reason people find sobriety challenging is that their habits are built around drinking. Maybe you are in the habit of stopping at the pub on the way home, or maybe you open a beer when you watch television. Drinking is associated with other drugs, and people who try to quit the drugs without quitting drinking find themselves using again….

What Causes Hangovers?

When you’re hungover, you might go through your day feeling tired and sluggish or you may be so miserable you can’t get out of bed except to run to the toilet. Most people have experienced a hangover and many people have their own pet theories about what causes them….

Why Alcohol Makes Some People Aggressive

Alcohol makes people less inhibited and less coordinated. Their judgement is not quite what it normally is, but they are basically the same people. People who are aggressive when they drink are usually aggressive when they don’t drink. Nevertheless, alcohol seems to engender conflict….