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Drug Rehabilitation: A Guide to Beating Drugs

Drug use may initially seem harmless and casual, but it often escalates into dependency before you even realise it. How can you turn your life around when drug addiction turns life into a series of downward spirals and it becomes clear that you’re no longer in control? Maybe you’ve found yourself burning bridges with your friends and family. Perhaps you had a serious health scare. Or maybe you’ve run into legal or financial trouble as a result of your drug use. Whatever the reason, the good news is that you’re here – and recognising the problem is half the battle. …

A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

A Drug Summit Drums Up Support for Scotland

Drug summits are being held today and tomorrow to address the drug death epidemic in the UK Ironically, this is happening in Glasgow, which is at the heart of the problem.  For Scotland, this is literally a life-or-death turning point as the country has seen some of the highest numbers of drug and alcohol-related mortalities in the world while having a drastic decline in addiction treatment funding. Since last year, Scotland has seen a 27% rise in drug-related deaths, with the majority of it being from opioid overdoses. Meanwhile, admissions to treatment centres, especially residential rehabs, have dropped. Today, it…

7 Signs Your Child May Be Using Drugs

Unfortunately, we all do things despite knowing better and the younger kids start using drugs, the more likely they are to develop a serious addiction. If you can catch drug use early, treatment and therapy can prevent problems later on. Here are some signs your child might be using drugs….

Black Mamba Drug

Black Mamba, also known as the zombie drug, is a man-made drug of altering chemicals that are sprayed on dried, shredded plant material to be smoked or sold as liquids to be vaporized and inhaled in e-cigarettes. Black Mamba is more powerful than marijuana and cause dangerous consequences if not treated….

The Deception of Substance Use

Substance abuse and active addiction can be difficult to overcome when the user is in denial or otherwise rationalising his or her behavior. Moving past the deception of substance use is the first step in getting clean….

Methadone programme in Scotland

Leading drug expert says the methadone programme in Scotland is “a black hole”. Read about the lack of data to measure the methadone programme’s impact in Scotland….