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Mental Health and Pets

Pets can encourage their owners to get some fresh air by going out for a walk to get exercise which helps for those with depression. Doing simple tasks like stroking your pet, playing with your pet, or just sitting down with your pet on the bed or the couch can help you feel calm and relax your mind. Learn more….

Mental Health TED Talks to Watch Part 3

TED Talks can help you to take action on issues that people tend to stay silent about. There are many misconceptions about mental illnesses being a sign of weakness and something that we should be ashamed of. TED Talks will teach listeners to inspire people with your gifts and to raise awareness towards mental health….

Media Enquiries

Castle Craig is frequently contacted by journalists, researchers, TV and radio producers and we are often in the media…

Castle Craig Careers

Jobs in substance dependency addiction and mental health nursing and therapy at Castle Craig rehab clinic treating Private & NHS patients. Borders, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland. Nurse, therapist, psychiatrist, doctor….