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Should You Change Jobs in Recovery?

One major source of stress for many people is their job. Although it’s not realistic to expect any job to be completely free of stress, boredom, and irritation, some jobs are worse than others. If your job is a major source of stress and anxiety, you might consider finding something else. Learn more here….

Boredom in Recovery

Boredom is a well known trigger for relapse in addiction recovery, therefore learning to deal with boredom in recovery so as not to seek out the entertainment or escape of drugs is key to maintaining long term sobriety….

Empathy as a Model for Recovery

Recovery from addiction requires a great deal of self understanding and compassion for others. Viewing empathy as a model for recovery helps us to develop core emotional skills for success….

How to Move Past Fear in Recovery

Fear is a significant motivator in all aspects of our life but fear can be particularly debilitating for addicts in recovery. Learn to harness your emotions and move past fear in recovery….