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Careers at Castle Craig

Jobs at Castle Craig clinic, Peebles, Biggar, Edinburgh, Glasgow Scotland. Jobs in substance misuse rehab treatment. Administrative, housekeeping, domestic, therapy, HR, nursing, medical departments….

The Reason for Individual Treatment Programs

While the biological roots of chemical dependency are similar for everyone, each person’s struggle with addiction is unique. That’s the main reason for individual treatment programs that cater to each person’s needs, triggers, and goals….

Problem Solving Skills You Gain in Treatment

Addiction recovery programs like drug rehab and behavioral counseling do more than just help an addict break from addiction, the problem solving skills you gain in treatment help you construct a better life for years to come….

Benefits of Going Remote for Rehab

Going to rehab is a major step in changing your life forever, so it should get all of your focus. The best solution is to go away to a remote location where your daily life is only about recovery….