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Got Soul! Hospital

Got Soul is a charity, founded by Maryam Ghaffari in 2012 to help people out of loneliness and isolation through soul and R n B music, and to make a difference in the community. Since then the Got Soul Choir has now run hundreds of workshops, performed in some of the country’s most prestigious music venues and expanded to Glasgow and Dundee. Maryam is a former therapist at Castle Craig Hospital and was keen to return to give something to the patients, and she certainly did. She and members of her choir gave an enthusiastic and energetic evening of singing…

When to Change Sponsors Hospital

If you can, you should stick with one sponsor, because the better you know each other, the more productive your relationship will be. Sometimes that isn’t possible or desirable. Here are some reasons you might need to change sponsors….

How to Find 12 Step Meetings When Traveling Hospital

While addiction recovery should be your primary focus, you are still allowed to live your life and have sober fun. Having a vacation when you are in early recovery does not give you an excuse to be on vacation from your recovery. There are many ways you find 12 step meetings all over the world while you are traveling….