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Dr. Glynis Read PhD

Dr. Glynis Read PhD

Treatment Coordinator & EMDR Consultant

Glynis Read is Treatment Coordinator at Castle Craig. She oversees the management of our therapy teams and the development of the therapeutic programme. She works alongside Castle Craig’s Medical Director to ensure the highest standards of treatment for all our patients.

“It is a great privilege”, says Glynis, “to be appointed to the senior management team at Castle Craig Hospital as Treatment Coordinator. It is an exciting challenge to be part of the strategic planning, particularly the therapy, within the hospital. I look forward to engaging with the staff at the hospital to continue to develop Castle Craig as a centre of excellence in the treatment of addiction.”

Previously, she was the Head of Training at Castle Craig and coordinated the care of patients with eating disorders and the trauma programme. She has now been with Castle Craig for over 20 years.

She developed the Certificate in Addiction Studies and the Diploma in Addiction Counselling (both credit rated by Napier University), which she now runs for Castle Craig. While working at Castle Craig, Glynis gained a MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and eating disorders and and she is an accredited EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) practitioner.

Before joining Castle Craig as a therapist, Glynis gained a PhD in Quaternary Science and qualified as an addictions counsellor at Hazelden, Minnesota.