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I had known for long alcohol had a detrimental effect on all aspects of my life. Yet due to the cunning, baffling and powerful nature of alcohol, I believe I could arrest my addiction and regain control of my dysfunctional life. Of course, due to the progressive nature of the illness, I became financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. Existing in a darkness darker than night where my next flit would surely have been the Kird Yard. I was blessed. I was 12 stepped by a Castle Craig alumni with 11 years of sobriety. It was frightening to embark on that journey but the alternative was more so. I was beat. I was powerless over alcohol and my life had become unmanageable. I am now 15 months sober ODAAT. Castle Craig has given me a freedom I could never have imagined. A life beyond my wildest dreams. I will be eternally grateful to Castle Craig and the beautiful human beings that set me on that journey. An angel awaiting their wings.