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Castle Craig Testimonials

My experiences with those who have been through Castle Craig have been nothing but positive.

— Glasgow-based GP

For me EMDR came as a godsend and certainly made a difference.

— Rachael

I was a hopeless, chronic alcoholic, full of despair. I am now a contributing member of society, trusted enough to be a priest and run my own parish.

— Fr. Henry

I don’t feel sorry anymore about anything, I don’t feel guilty anymore and most importantly I don’t feel so lonely and misunderstood. After that 45 year long struggle I am free!

— Nicholas

I am very grateful for this treatment, and for the passionate way it was delivered

— Aromatherapy Patient

The patients are so enthusiastic and the room is full of laughter.

— Helen Ireland, Dance Teacher

The Castle is an amazing place. Before I went there I was an alcoholic and an addict in despair. Without getting the fantastic care from all the staff I would still be a wreck. Castle Craig saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful.

— Donna Hospital

Your kindness has kept me here…. you’ve treated me like a human being and that’s what I’ve become. I will never forget you all. Thanks for showing me a way out!

— Richard

Words cannot express how much gratitude I feel. You make people know that there is a wonderful life out there and I certainly intend to enjoy it now.

— Amelie

Such a beautiful environment to begin a very special journey! Thanks to all who continue to make miracles possible.

— Sue

I celebrated four years of sober living at the end of September and am living a simple and contented life. I will never forget those who helped me in the Castle.

— Mary-Jane

You all mean so much to me. Thanks for all your help and support. Castle Craig is a very special place, it will stay in my heart.

— Sarah

Thank you for everything that you and your wonderful staff have done for me. My time there has constantly held a warm and cherished place in my heart and through my everyday walk of recovery.

— John

I’m almost 2 years clean and sober and don’t crave for anything! Total abstinence is the only way I believe!

— Lisbeth

From the first (HBOT) session I could feel it working – I was much more talkative, the agony of withdrawal eased and my concentration started to return.

— Bradley Neill, article from The Sun, 28 April 2017

Re-directed in life and eventual freedom from addiction… I rate this the best treatment centre in Europe

— Bill

Thank you all for the beautiful life I have back. I wouldn’t be in this position without the support you all provided, each of you in your own special way. 9.5 months clean and sober.

— Mark

It was a gift that through you I could find a programme such as the twelve steps in which I never have to be alone and hiding again.

— Markus

When life seems hopeless, when things seem to go wrong, when my mind is haunted by memories of the past, I only have to think of you and what you taught me in that miraculous place called Castle Craig. Thank you, again and again, one day at a time, for this new life shown by you.

— Yuvraj

Castle Craig has always been high on my list of options for treating patients who need a safe, spacious, secure and tranquil environment in which to seek their early recovery from addiction. Highly recommended.

— Dr Mike McPhillips, Consultant Psychiatrist, The Chelsea Consulting Rooms

All patients benefit, but those who benefit the most are the ones who have difficulty in expressing themselves with words. They come alive! They find they can express themselves and become comfortable with others.

— Phil Grant, Specialist in Drumming Therapy

Start2Stop have referred people needing primary treatment to Castle Craig for many years. This is because Castle Craig is a genuine centre of excellence. The care offered by Castle Craig is world-class and delivered with expertise and love. It’s a place where people with additive disorders get well.

— Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon, Founder of Start2Stop

The total package is on a whole other level compared to other treatment centres. Thank you!

— Anonymous

With the help of Castle Craig, AA and God’s will I feel a new person, able to do anything I wish except drink alcohol.

— M. Lanark

All I can say is Castle Craig works, and the whole set up of the therapeutic community works. This is because of the commitment from all members of staff.

— A quote from our Service User Questionnaire, 2008.

Castle Craig has literally been a life saver for my clients. The quality of therapeutic care is both extremely high and individualised to the client’s needs. Throughout the Covid19 issues Castle Craig have done everything and more to ensure they can continue to help clients in difficulty.

They have kept me abreast of any developments and helped enormously through the admissions process. The team at Castle Craig is second to none and I will, without doubt, continue to refer my clients for treatment there.

— Charlie Birch-Reynardson, TurnAround Addiciton

It is now 5 years ago that I left for treatment at Castle Craig and today I am 5 years clean. Life becomes more and more a pleasant journey and I am day by day more grateful to have a life. Thanks for treatment, it was so good.

— Andrew

The art class brought me to a free place. When I painted I didn’t think of my problems, by that I learnt more about myself. Every painting is different, my moods and feelings came out in the paintings.

— Menno

Thanks to all the therapists who helped me come to terms with the loss of my beloved wife. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

— Robert

My stay at the extended care unit at Castle Craig was an amazing time. Time to reflect, learn, share and practise recovery lifestyle.

— Ernst

I still feel very privileged to be one of CC’s patients. I started there recovery for the very rest of my life. I got in fact a new life, with new horizons full of hope, belief and love.

— June

I would like to thank you all, as without you my recovery would not be possible. Words cannot say how much this means to me and my family.

— Paul

Thank you for giving me my Mom back! Before my Mom came to Castle Craig life was pretty horrible, I was constantly worrying about her, and to be honest I felt like I had lost my Mom. But coming to Castle Craig was the best decision she could have made.

— Elly

I was on a Highway to Hell, when I saw a Stairway to Heaven, so I took the steps out into the Sunshine of your love… 8 years this May.

— Ian

Thanks for giving me this chance – I will be forever grateful! I wont forget what this place did for me.

— Jim

This course is wonderfully healing. I felt released from the fears that held me in the past and placed firmly on my own feet in the present moment. Since the course, I have gone forward empowered with the tools it gave me, to make healthier relationships with others and particularly with myself. I believe this course would benefit everyone of us, regardless of whether we think we have a problem or not, so if you have the opportunity to do it, take it!

— Caroline

Many cocaine users are ‘functioning addicts’ for 10 years or more. But excessive use of cocaine can lead to dysfunctional judgment, risky decision-making and reckless gambling with company assets.

— Peter McCann, Chairman of Castle Craig Hospital

I firmly believe that CC saved my life and i see many people on a daily basis that could benefit from the care that CC provides.

— Frederick

I’d never been in contact with horses before and I did have some fear of being around them at first but what I learned about myself from even the first [equine therapy] session with them was absolutely incredible. I walked away stunned by the experience.

— Steven Lowe

A successful treatment programme for addictive disease needs structure because so often in the lives of our patients there is no structure. The drug dictates how they live their life.

— Senior Therapist

As a facilitator of the group I take enormous pleasure seeing the results as patients’ personalities begin to flourish and, despite such distressing histories, they begin to laugh once again.

— Specialist Trauma Therapist

I will be celebrating eleven years of sobriety this year and I cant thank you enough for giving me the privilege to do this.

— Elizabeth

I went through treatment over 21 years ago and it has worked for me, O.D.A.A.T. (One Day At A Time)

— Tom

To see someone change right in front of you is a modern-day-miracle.

— Maryam Ghaffari, Therapist

Words are not enough. I started to think about the names of all who helped me change my life – what a list!

— Sven

Thank you for all the help and guidance you’ve given me throughout my stay here. You’ve given me back confidence and hope and the faith to go on.

— Nadja

If it if was not for CC and my peers i would certainly be 6 feet under, I personally think CC is a place where magic happens.

— Naomi

Life is good at my end. I celebrated six years of sober life on the 29th September this year and it gets better and better.

— Anna

I like to keep my counselling style individualised, flexible, direct, clear and consistent.

— Karolina Czepil, Therapist