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Mindfulness & Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness is type of meditation that enables people to connect with their body, through their mind. It is being aware of the full feeling of this moment, without judgement. Mindfulness is accessible and can be combined into everyday life. Mindful living happens through awareness, acceptance, and self-compassion.

Be a resident in the present and a visitor to the past or future.

Many of us self-create stress by worrying about the future and revisiting the past. We react to negative and depressive feelings rather than respond to them without judgement.

How Mindfulness Helps Prevent Relapse

Mindfulness can help with preventing alcohol or drug addiction relapse. Introduced as part of the rehab treatment programme it helps the person to:

  • Develop an awareness of their impulses and “relapse triggers”,
  • Detach and observe their thoughts and feelings to the relapse trigger,
  • Recognise and respond to challenging emotions and experiences,
  • Act with an awareness of their actions,
  • Develop an acceptance of who they are and be compassionate towards themselves without guilt, shame or judgement.