Individual psychotherapy is a cornerstone of rehab treatment at Castle Craig. It means that we can give special attention to each individual and their unique circumstances. This allows us to pinpoint and address the root causes of addiction on a case-by-case basis, leading to effective and sustained recovery.

How Individual Rehab Therapy Works

Individual therapy gives patients the chance to speak in complete privacy and confidentiality with a specialist therapist.  Many of our therapists have been through recovery themselves and naturally use a discreet and sensitive approach with patients, encouraging them to talk about matters they may find difficult to share.

What Individual Sessions Achieve

The therapist guides the sessions which aim to:

  • Confront deep-rooted personal issues e.g. trauma, abuse;
  • Motivate the patient to achieve and maintain abstinence;
  • Change attitudes and behaviours that may lead to relapse;
  • Maximise insight into the addiction;
  • Address the impact addiction has had on the patient’s life.

The sessions follow a clear structure, drawn up by our Consultant Psychiatrist in the patient’s personal treatment plan.  Full sessions take place at least twice weekly and patients meet with their focal therapist frequently throughout the day.

More About our Therapists

We have over 30 years of experience in the field of addictions.  This, combined with our own diploma course in addiction counseling (endorsed by Napier University in Edinburgh) enables us to employ the best and most dedicated therapists possible.

Other therapy treatments provided to patients at Castle Craig include Complementary Therapy (ex. Mindfulness & Meditation), Experiential Therapy (ex. equine therapy), Specialty Therapy (ex. trauma therapy) and Group Therapy sessions.