Teletherapy in Aftercare

Patients who have completed residential addiction treatment are most vulnerable in the first few months after discharge. The reintegration back into everyday life is challenging. As you face new problems, teletherapy will help you to find new solutions and consolidate your recovery.

Through the medium of teletherapy Castle Craig can offer you continuing care via online video conferencing.

We provide both individual therapy sessions and group therapy. You will be able to receive therapy with a trained addiction therapist in your own home. The main requirements are a good internet connection and a webcam. Castle Craig uses a system that meets recommended standards to protect the privacy and security of teletherapy sessions.

Our teletherapy service is based on 12-step facilitation and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The teletherapy programme consists of ten individual therapy sessions.

Please contact our Continuing Care Coordinator, Alexandria Barley, at to find out more about teletherapy and our continuing care services.