After Extended Care

Continuing care is essential to reduce the risk of relapse. At Castle Craig Extended Treatment we provide ongoing support for our patients after they complete treatment in the form of a personalised two-year continuing care plan that will benefit them after they return to their homes and communities.

Relapse Prevention Group

Patients in Extended Treatment attend regular relapse prevention groups which cover:

  • Triggers for substance misuse
  • Coping skills
  • Formulating the continuing care plan

Individual Sessions for Continuing Treatment

The continuing care plan is also shaped in individual therapy sessions.

The patient’s focal therapist works with the patient to:

  • Arrange aftercare appointments within the client’s local area;
  • Map out a daily structure;
  • Formulate and practise coping strategies.

Aftercare Groups

We hold free weekly aftercare group sessions at Castle Craig Hospital and in Falkirk, Scotland. Our sister-clinic Smarmore Castle, Republic of Ireland, organises continuing care meetings at Smarmore Castle in County Louth which all former patients are welcome to attend. Castle Craig Netherlands organises its own continuing care programme in Holland. These are free of charge.

For our clients based in London and the South of England, we offer a list of recommended London-based aftercare and relapse prevention groups that they can attend.


Castle Craig offers patients continuing care via online video conferencing, Teletherapy.

Referring On to Tertiary Care

Ocassionally a person with very complex needs will require referral on to another, less intensive, secondary or tertiary care unit. Castle Craig has strong relationships with safehouses in the Netherlands and tertiary houses in London.