Leisure Time & Activities

We believe that people recover from addictions best in a setting that is removed from their chaotic everyday lives, where they can retreat and be immersed in the recovery process away from all distractions.

Our 50 acres of private land provide patients with the perfect opportunity to exercise outside.  Our extended treatment patients can take part in the following activities (depending on availability):

  • Organised outside games;
  • Hill walking in the surrounding hills;
  • Outdoor complementary therapy e.g. equine therapy or drumming therapy;
  • Simply sitting outside talking with peers, or taking evening walks in the fresh air.

Fitness training is an important part of the programme at our extended treatment facility and our onsite gym and dedicated fitness staff give patients every chance of building healthy bodies and minds.

Offsite Visits & Entertainment Nights

Extended Treatment patients have opportunities to leave the grounds for accompanied trips to local AA and NA meetings in Edinburgh, Peebles and Biggar.

We organise Sunday visits to the local Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Church where our patients are welcomed as part of the community. For those of other faiths, transport can be arranged to other places of worship locally or in Edinburgh.

Patients go on supervised outings to cultural sights in the area such as Edinburgh Castle and New Lanark World Heritage Site. Excursions for local activities, such as fishing, can take place depending on availability. Trips to Penicuik swimming pool combined with shopping trips are also on offer.

Family visiting arrangements are the same as in the first stage of treatment. Patients in extended treatment are also able to let their hair down on our Friday entertainment nights and enjoy a sober, relaxed night with fun events organised by a Patient Entertainment Committee.

We ask members of the extended treatment unit to contribute ideas on improving entertainment nights or any other part of treatment.