Medical Care

Castle Craig Extended Treatment provides round-the-clock nursing and medical coverage.

The medical centre at Extended Treatment is a short distance from the patient houses and contactable by a direct telephone line installed in each house.

Our highly qualified medical team is led by a team of Consultant Psychiatrists, headed by our Medical Director, Professor Jonathan Chick.

Medical Assessment for External Referrals to Extended Treatment

Each patient who comes to us from another primary care treatment centre receives our detailed medical and psychiatric assessment by our Consultant Psychiatrist and clinicians. They will:

  • Conduct a full physical examination,
  • Take a medical history,
  • Examine the patient’s mental status,
  • Conduct blood tests and laboratory screenings.

The Consultant assesses detoxification requirements, determine a patient’s physical and mental state, assess prescription needs and shape the personalised treatment plan.

We also work with the family, spouse or work colleagues at this stage to obtain background information about the addiction. The medical team discuss individual cases as a group so that patients get more than one medical opinion.

Detox in Extended Treatment

Some patients come to Castle Craig with addictions to prescription medications, which can take several weeks to fully detox from. In Extended Treatment we are equipped to deal with continuing these detoxes as well as providing ongoing support and life skills to help manage chronic pain.