Depression and Addiction Treatment

What is Depression?

A diagnosis of clinical depression may be made when a person has a certain number of depressive symptoms almost every day for an extended period of time, which cause significant impairment in their ability to function in daily life, be it work, school, relationships and other areas.

Clinical depression is a medically recognised condition and differs from transient feelings of sadness during normal life events that are difficult, upsetting, and stressful.

Depression and Addiction Treatment

A diagnosis of depression and an addictive disorder such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling constitutes dual-diagnosis. Patients with these complex needs are best treated in a residential rehab setting.

Our inpatient clinic offers a comprehensive treatment programme for dual-diagnosis with medical care and therapy in a single, unified framework. We use a joined-up approach whereby all staff involved in the patient’s care communicate with each other on a daily basis about their condition and progress. This is particularly valuable for dual-diagnosis patients as it ensures they receive the time and professional attention required to achieve long-lasting recovery from their condition.

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