Heroin Rehab Programme

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid drug. When taken, it produces an intense, euphoric ‘high’, and a warm, relaxed feeling, as well as causing sleepiness at higher doses. Heroin depresses the central nervous system, and numbs any feelings of pain.

Health and Social Risks of Heroin Use

Heroin use can lead to a number of serious health complications. There is a high risk of overdose when taking the drug; too much could easily induce respiratory failure, and cause the user to enter a coma. The most common method of taking the drug is by injection, and this can cause a number of problems, including collapsed veins and infections. Sharing dirty needles can spread diseases such as HIV/AIDs and hepatitis C.

More health consequences of using cocaine over a long period of time include liver and kidney dysfunction, as well as pulmonary illnesses such as pneumonia. Malnourishment is another common health problem afflicting heroin users because the drug suppresses appetite.

The highly addictive nature of heroin, means that the drug user may soon prioritise it above every other aspect of their life. Heroin users may steal from family and friends to fund their habit, and sacrifice their relationships for their habit. They may become unable to maintain a steady job, damaging their career prospects too.

Castle Craig’s Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin Detox

At Castle Craig, we believe that abstinence is the only antidote to addiction. As soon as the patient arrives at our rehab centre, they begin a period of heroin detox. The residential nature of our treatment means that they can join in with the programme of therapy as soon as they are physically able.

When going cold turkey, the patient can experience a range of severe withdrawal symptoms. These can begin just a few hours after the heroin user takes the last dose of the drug. The strongest symptoms will affect the patient between 48-72 hours after the drug was last ingested. These generally subside in about a week, if the patient does not consume any more heroin during this time.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms include diarrhoea, throwing up, cold flushes and insomnia, as well as strong cravings for more heroin. Attempting to detox from heroin suddenly, and without close medical supervision, can prove dangerous or even fatal.

Within our residential facility, the patient is closely monitored by our team of friendly and highly trained medical staff. During detox, they may be given replacement medication depending on their physical and psychological condition. If so, this will be administered in smaller and smaller doses, until the patient is no longer dependent on any substances. At this point, they are ready to begin the recovery process.

Residential Rehab for Heroin Addiction

Our residential rehab programme has been developed over 30 years of successfully treating patients with drug and alcohol addiction problems. Our approach targets physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Patients are immersed in a personalised programme of group therapy, personal therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Where appropriate, we also offer grief therapy and trauma therapy.

Our complementary therapies help patients to reconnect emotionally with both themselves and their surroundings. They include equine therapy, mindfulness meditation, drumming therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Long term heroin abuse can physically harm the user’s body. To begin to heal this damage, we provide a programme of healthy, balanced meals and encourage regular exercise.

Relapse Prevention for Heroin Abuse

We continue to support each patient after they have completed their treatment with us. We provide them with a two year, personalised continuing care plan, access to weekly group therapy sessions, and a series of teletherapy sessions. We also help them to engage with local peer support groups, such as Narcotic Anonymous (NA).

Can’t Quit Heroin? Contact Us for Help

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from heroin addiction, then please contact us for help. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about our heroin treatment programme and funding options.

Castle Craig is one of the leading addiction clinics in the UK and has been successfully rehabilitating people with addiction problems for over 30 years.