Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Treatment and Therapy

At Castle Craig we help people suffering from sexual compulsivity and pornography addiction, alongside a primary diagnosis of alcoholism or drug addiction.

Our Sexual Compulsivity therapy is based on a 12 step treatment model, combined with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma Therapy and Attachment Theory work, in order to help treat the underlying issues contributing to the sexual compulsion.

We help people with sex addiction to:

  • Understand their addiction and underlying problems,

  • Alter negative thinking patterns,

  • Treat low self-esteem and trauma,

  • Build self-esteem, assertiveness and impulse control,

  • Rebuild broken relationships.

Behavioural addictions and addiction to alcohol or drugs usually go hand in hand. Alcohol or drug addiction with a dual diagnosis of sexual compulsivity is best managed and treated at a residential rehab clinic, where both conditions can be treated simultaneously and on one site by a team of experienced therapists.

Self-Help Groups

If you are worried that you might be developing an obsession with sex or pornography then visit your local Sex Addicts Anonymous group or visit Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous.

Residential Rehab Treatment for Sex Addiction

If you are suffering from an addiction to sex or porn or if someone you know has an unhealthy relationship with sex or pornography as well as alcohol or drugs, contact us for professional, qualified advice. We answer enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can arrange admission quickly.