What We Do

Castle Craig is a world-renowned residential rehab clinic which treats people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, many of whom have other complex conditions, such as gambling and gaming addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and eating disorders.

Our Story

When Castle Craig was founded in 1988, Peter and Dr Margaret Ann McCann arrived in Scotland with a vision and a passion for helping those suffering from addiction. They had taken a leap of faith, leaving behind Clouds House in Wiltshire and bringing their young family north to Scotland to launch the first 12 Step rehab clinic Scotland had seen. In the late 1980’s this was truly groundbreaking. At the time Scotland had no residential rehab clinics and in the UK it was a relatively new phenomenon. 

Peter McCann had spent time in Hazelden in the United States learning from their successful treatment programme in order to bring it over to the UK. Following the success of Clouds House which they founded in 1983, they knew that this was what Scotland needed.

With the help of a loan from the bank and determination, optimism, luck and plenty of prayers, Castle Craig was born. 

Peter and Margaret Ann worked closely together from the very beginning, with Peter trailblazing the voice of recovery in Britain among politicians, the media and healthcare experts; and Margaret Ann leading the medical care and therapy programme within the hospital.

Today we are proud to be a leading European addiction treatment clinic, bringing recovery to the lives of over 10,000 people and their families. 

Our Mission

How do we get people, who’s lives and families have been damaged by addiction to alcohol and drugs, on the road to recovery? It starts with our unwavering mission to help those who’s lives have been destroyed by addiction.

“At Castle Craig, we provide compassionate care to those suffering from alcoholism and other addictions, by treating the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the disease.

The Hospital and its staff are committed to offering skilled professional medical, nursing and therapeutic services to patients and their families.

We strive continually to demonstrate high standards of excellence, in the services we offer, to ensure that patients and their needs are at the centre of what we do and to create an environment where everyone is treated with compassion, dignity and respect.

Our staff are dedicated to assisting those who seek our help to achieve stable abstinence, empowering them, so they may enjoy a fulfilling, sober, meaningful and productive life in recovery.”

Peter and Dr Margaret McCann

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Our Vision

We are a values-driven social enterprise with a passion for helping those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Each person who comes through our doors has the chance to change their lives and make their world a better place. Whether it is the patients themselves, their husbands, wives, children, parents, friends. At Castle Craig our vision of ‘recovery’ goes beyond helping patients when they are here; we want to help them forge their very best life with the therapeutic tools they need to stay abstinent and live fulfilled lives in recovery. Our vision is that every patient who comes into Castle Craig has a chance of fulfilment in recovery. This is as true today as it was 30 years ago. 

About our addiction treatment

Castle Craig’s model of recovery is abstinence from alcohol and mood-altering drugs – not substitution of one drug for another.

Experience shows that abstinence-based treatment really works – the 12 step philosophy used by AA and NA has helped millions of people all over the world to recover.

Thousands of people from all over the UK and the world have turned to Castle Craig for quality treatment, extensive services, expertly delivered therapies and dedicated family support.

Our Locations

The hills of Scotland

Scotland. Castle Craig is located in the stunning countryside of the Scottish Borders, just 40 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh, one hour from Glasgow and two hours from Newcastle upon Tyne. Our 50 acres of parkland and woods is a relaxed and tranquil environment conducive to healing and recovery.

The Netherlands. In 2000, Castle Craig opened a centre in The Hague, Netherlands, to assist patients from the Netherlands. Since 2008, Castle Craig Nederlands, directed by Frances Beek, has been recognised as an independent outpatient mental health care facility. We have a network of offices around the country and our own team including a Medical Director, consultant psychiatrists and therapists.

Ireland. In 2015, the directors of Castle Craig opened Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in County Louth, Ireland. Smarmore Castle is a 22-bed rehab clinic and the treatment programme is based on the Castle Craig Model of addiction treatment. The origins of the castle date back to the 14th century.