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What We Treat

At Castle Craig, our drug rehab treats many kinds of addictions including alcohol addiction, prescription drug addictioncocaine addiction, compulsive gambling, other behavioural addictions and dual diagnosis.

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Therapies We Work With

Our expert addiction therapists deliver a clinically proven treatment programme of 12 Step therapy, CBT, psychoeducation, EMDR, group & individual & complementary therapies including equine therapy, oxygen therapy, fitness, massage and acupuncture.

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Covid-19 Safety

Castle Craig is open and Covid-19 Secure. Travel is allowed from anywhere in the UK to Scotland for healthcare. Our Covid-19 safety measures have passed inspections by our regulators Healthcare Improvement Scotland and BUPA.

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Expert Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Over 10,000 patients have passed through our rehab centre's doors since 1988, and the majority have gone on to achieve, long-term abstinent recovery from their addictions.

Our medical team of doctors, nurses and therapists are led by our Consultant Psychiatrists and Medical Director. We help our patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines medical treatment, a 12 Step programme, CBT and other psychotherapies, complementary therapies, oxygen therapy, and continuing care.

Our Treatment Programmes

Addiction is a serious illness and we strive to help patients achieve recovery through our intensive, personalised programmes that facilitate the 12 steps, provide clinically excellent medical treatment, and utilise CBT and other psychotherapies.

Our alcohol and drug treatment programmes have been carefully constructed by decades of professional and practical experience and are applicable to patients from all walks of life.

Alcohol Rehab

We have developed a specialised, evidence-based residential treatment programme to target alcoholism. Our expert team of psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and qualified therapists deliver exceptional care, detoxification, clinically proven psychotherapies, alcohol rehab, 12 Step facilitation, complementary therapies and fitness to get you on the road to recovery.

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Drug Rehab

Our expert medical team have decades of experience in managing complex detoxification from addictive drugs such as cocaine, prescription drugs, opiates and cannabis in safety and with minimal discomfort. We deliver a comprehensive therapeutic drug addiction treatment programme, enabling you to break the cycle of addiction and live a drug-free life.

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Our expert medical team have decades of experience in managing complex detoxification from addictive drugs

Our Beautiful, Private Country Estate

We are fortunate to be located on a private 50-acre woodland estate in the stunning Scottish countryside. We make full use of our grounds and facilities to enhance your recovery. The outstanding beauty of the Castle Craig grounds and woodland helps patients connect with nature, practise mindfulness and encourages fitness. Before you join us, take a moment to wander through our photo & video gallery to see what you can expect from Castle Craig before you start your treatment.

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Castle Craig is a world renown rehab
The entire experience we deliver here at Castle Craig has been described by patients as a

Confidential 24-hour Phone Line

We understand that the need to reach out for help with addiction, treatment or residential rehab doesn't just happen during the working day. For more information about the admissions process, or treatment at Castle Craig for alcohol and drugs please call our 24-hour Help Desk (Confidential Phone Lines).

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Just over five years ago I entered through the front door and I have never looked back. I was broken, completely and utterly beyond help or so I thought. Five years on, I have a life. More than a life, I have hope for the future and my continuing recovery.

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Addiction and BPD Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and addiction have much in common. Their side effects and causes are similar. Having both BPD and a substance use disorder can be challenging and seeking help can be even harder. Fortunately, treatment for addiction with BPD as a dual diagnosis is available. At Castle Craig, our experienced team is here to help. What is Borderline Personality Disorder? Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a common mental health condition. It is a type of emotionally unstable personality disorder [1] that can have a significant impact on someone's personal and social life. There are many…
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Experience Castle Craig

From the moment you enter our rehab centre you are under our compassionate care, and we will do our utmost to help you settle in and make you feel welcome. Castle Craig is a unique hospital on a beautiful Scottish estate and is an unforgettable place to begin your recovery journey.

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Our Story

Castle Craig is a family-run treatment centre. Read about what brought Peter and Margaret McCann and their children to Castle Craig in 1988 and why they decided to launch Scotland's first 12 Step residential rehab clinic. Their vision and mission, driven by compassion and a desire to help people recover from addiction, has endured for over 30 years.

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