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We are Open During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Castle Craig is open and continuing to offer our much needed residential treatment for people who need alcohol and drug rehab treatment during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Travel to Scotland for Healthcare

Our admissions team are helping people from across the UK and abroad travel to us. Scottish Government travel guidelines say that people travelling for healthcare are exempt from lockdown travel restrictions and our admissions team here at Castle Craig provide the paperwork for this so you can get to us easily.

Our Covid-security measures have been approved by public health and keep our patients and staff safe.

Testing for Covid-19

We have undertaken specific measures against the Coronavirus. Please read our Covid-19 response update for more information on the changes that have been taking place to our programme.


Taking the First Step

When you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, picking up the phone for help is usually the first and most difficult step of the recovery process. At Castle Craig Hospital, making this life-saving act as simple and stress-free as possible is our highest priority.

Our compassionate, highly trained staff (some of whom are former patients) understands that you are feeling vulnerable, hopeless and fearful. Our help desk can be reached 24 hours a day to help ease your fears and guide you through this journey.

Case Assessment

Castle Craig’s highly-trained team knows that the motivation to change is an extremely powerful factor in recovery. 

We aim for a seamless admissions process and want the time between you picking up the phone and first stepping through our doors to be as quick and seamless as possible.

After taking your name and contact information, the help desk will pass you onto our admissions department, where one of our therapists will work with you to complete the required case assessment

By providing our team with a brief summary of your problems and answering questions, you will help our clinical team determine that our services are optimal for the level of treatment required. It will usually take 30 minutes over the phone to complete.

If necessary, our Consultant Psychiatrist may follow up for more information by phone or email. All information will be kept in strict confidence by our team.

To further ensure programme suitability and safe admission, our clinical team will also request the contact information of your GP or other clinicians. This will allow us to gather any and all relevant medical information.

Costs and funding

Castle Craig is committed to providing the highest quality rehab treatment possible to our patients at the most affordable price, ensuring that you or your loved ones can afford the best possible treatment programme. Though most patients opt to pay privately, medical insurance is also an option.  Some receive funding through their national health insurer (the NHS or the local authority within the United Kingdom). Those travelling from another country might be reimbursed for treatment costs by the funding authority of your home country.

We care about our patients and we know that they may view the cost of rehab treatment as a financial burden.

This is why we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, for the high quality of Consultant-led, residential treatment we offer. More on the cost of rehab.

Apply for admission online

Filling in our online pre-admission form will help us to respond to your admission needs. Apply for admission online here.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about admissions here.

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