Clinical Governance & Quality Assurance

In line with clinical governance objectives Castle Craig is committed to:

  • Putting patients first
  • Providing evidence based treatment
  • Maintaining high standards of clinical care
  • The safety of patients and staff
  • Continuous improvement and promotion of clinical excellence
  • Clinical audit

Clinical protocols and procedures govern our medical and clinical practice and these protocols and procedures are regularly reviewed.

Please click on the links below to see more information and confirmation of relevant accreditations.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance

Our latest ISO 9001 inspection from April 2022 can be found here: ISO Inspection Report April 20212

For many years Castle Craig has had the Intertek ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system in place, and in October 2019 the hospital successfully transitioned and was recertified according to the 2015 framework. ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally-recognised accreditation for quality management and the world’s most established quality framework. It covers our medical, nursing and administrative procedures, including management, training and supervision of staff, which are regularly updated in line with best practice and are subject to regular audit. In this way we are continually improving our operations and management procedures.

The ISO 9001:2015 certificate demonstrates that Castle Craig:

  • Fulfills service users’ quality requirements
  • Follows applicable regulatory requirements
  • Enhances patient satisfaction
  • Achieves continual performance improvement in pursuit of these objectives.

Intertek Certificate 2022

Castle Craig Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2015

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Castle Craig is registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (formerly the Care Commission), the Scottish public regulator of health. You can read about our excellent inspection results on their website, or read summary blog articles on our blog.

HIS Certificate 2021

Castle Craig: Health Care Improvement Scotland: Certificate of Registration

Castle Craig ISCAS Certificate 2021

Castle Craig ISCAS Certificate

Castle Craig TriCare Certification

Risk Management

Castle Craig Hospital has a risk management strategy and all clinical staff are fully trained in clinical risk management which is seen as an integral part of clinical governance.

Our Clinical Governance Committee, which includes two external consultants, and our Health & Safety Committee regularly monitor critical incidents, accidents and significant events.

Staff Training

The hospital has a long tradition of strong investment in training of staff and a strategic training policy promotes training and continuous professional development for all staff including our therapists.

All new staff receive extensive induction training to ensure that they are fully orientated to the work environment.

Castle Craig is a member of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (formerly the Scottish Independent Hospital Association (SIHA)) and so remains aware of new legislation that can impact on practice.

NCC Cyber Essentials

Castle Craig Hospital is proud to have achieved NCC Cyber Essentials certification, confirming that our Information & Communication Technology defences have been assessed and are fully compliant with data confidentiality requirements.

Castle Craig Cyber Essentials Certificate

Castle Craig: NCC Group: Cyber Essentials Certification

Inspection Reports

Castle Craig has consistently achieved outstanding inspection results. The latest inspection was carried in October 2020 by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), this announced inspection awarded Castle Craig only the highest two gradings across all categories including ‘Exceptional‘ for Leadership. Find out more about this achievement via our blog, or on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.

Similarly, the HIS conducted unannounced inspections in August 2017, September 2015 and December 2013, all with fantastic results.

Public Participation Strategy

Castle Craig Hospital is focused on delivering a consistently high standard of healthcare, providing rapid access to treatment and good outcomes for those seeking treatment for addictive disease.

We constantly endeavour to achieve continuous improvement of the care and services we offer to patients and their families who are referred to us from Scotland, other parts of the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Patient and Family Participation

Castle Craig is committed to a policy of promoting participation in the planning and delivery of its services.

Participation has already been incorporated into our hospital’s vision, values and Charter of Patient Rights. We believe that our patients have important comments to make about their treatment at Castle Craig. We also believe that those who are suffering from addiction and their families have important views about the type of treatment they want. We want to hear and respond to these comments and where we can direct our resources to support these suggestions we will do so.

Patient Choice

Castle Craig also endorses the principle of patient choice. When you choose to be admitted to our 12 Step treatment programme you choose to embrace that ethos. We in turn will respect your right to exercise your choice and encourage you to be engaged in the planning and evaluation of your care. In addition we request feedback from our partners who refer to our service in order that our joint working may realise the fullest benefits for our patients.

In developing this policy and by involving our partners we are confident that we will maintain our already high standards, consolidate our work and expand the services at the hospital.

Participation Documents and Reports