Castle Craig employs some of the leading authorities on the subject of alcohol and addiction.  In addition to following the latest developments and research in our sector, we attend and present at conferences and commission our own research.  Because of our high reputation,  staff opinions and contributions are often sought out by the media.


Castle Craig staff members regularly attend conferences both within the UK and abroad. We travel all around the world to hear and contribute to the latest developments in addiction theory and treatment practice.  This ensures we remain an authority on addiction treatment, and allows our knowledge to shape our treatment programme, and the treatment experiences of our patients.

  • We attend and present at conferences.
  • We commission our own research.
  • Our staff are often interviewed by the media for their opinions and contributions.

Commissioning Independent Research

In addition to doing our own research, Castle Craig commissions independent bodies to research into the efficacy of our services to prove that they are the highest standard possible.  This includes independent analysis of our outcomes data.

Treatment Outcomes

There is a vast body of evidence to show that residential treatment for addictions can enable people to lead drug-free lives. At Castle Craig we strive to provide the highest standard of treatment and the results show that our treatment is effective.

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Articles & Industry Studies

On this section of the site we are making available a number of addiction treatment research reports that we think are relevant to those interested in learning more about the disease of addiction, as well as seeing the detailed evaluations about Castle Craig Hospital.

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