Castle Craig is frequently contacted by journalists, researchers, TV and radio producers and we are often in the media.

We are open to assisting the media by sharing our experiences of addiction treatment to spread the message of hope for sufferers of addiction.

Contact Us for a Comment

We can arrange phone or face-to-face interviews with our therapists, psychiatrists, directors or other staff members. Some of our therapists are in recovery from addiction themselves. In some cases we are able to arrange interviews with former patients and here you can see an example in a Scottish Sunday newspaper. Patient confidentiality is our primary concern when collaborating with the media and any filming, photography or interviews need to be agreed with the clinical team beforehand. We cannot always guarantee that you will be able to show the identity of the subject, this is up to the individual.

All requests need to be passed between various staff members and we request that you describe, in writing, in as much detail as possible what you would like from Castle Craig. We would like to know what kind of story you are planning, where your story will be published and what is your current understanding of addiction treatment.

Media Photos

You can find photographs of Castle Craig, our surroundings, rooms, and depictions of our treatment programme on our photo gallery.

If you need a hi-res version of one of these photos please contact us.

Press Contact

Our media contact is Victoria McCann, Senior Communications Manager at Castle Craig. She will consider your request, ask for more information and then forward to the relevant person. Victoria can be contacted by email: [email protected]

If you require an urgent comment to a current news story please call our switchboard on 01721 722 763 and ask for Victoria McCann.

About Castle Craig

Castle Craig is a leading residential rehab clinic that treats drug, alcohol and gambling addiction. We are one of Europe’s most established inpatient addiction clinics. Our expert medical team of doctors, nurses and therapists is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director.