Treatment for Anxiety and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

At Castle Craig, we have the experience and resources to treat anxiety

We have the experience and resources to treat anxiety, alongside alcohol and drug addiction, within our dual-diagnosis treatment programme. We treat anxiety through a comprehensive treatment programme, combining medical care and psychotherapy in a single, unified framework.

Anxiety and Addiction

People with alcohol or drug abuse problems are often anxious people. They may have used drugs or alcohol as an escape from feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. Their anxiety is often the remainder of an insecure childhood, traumatic experience in school or adolescence, bereavement and broken relationships, job loss, low self-worth.

Anxiety and fear are normal emotions and very important defences that protect us from known or unknown dangers. For example, a good dose of fear can help patients prevent relapse. A life without fear and anxiety is not a realistic goal.

An important goal of addiction recovery is to understand that anxious feelings are a necessary part of life and to learn to deal with them without anger and guilt, without misusing alcohol or drugs and hurting ourselves and other people.

Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

Because the symptoms of anxiety can be both physical and psychological, addressing these requires a multidisciplinary approach. We use a joined-up approach whereby all staff involved in the patient’s care communicate with each other on a daily basis about their condition and progress.

Targeted Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Addiction

Castle Craig’s model of treatment addresses the underlying psychological causes of anxiety and addiction through a combination of specialised therapies and complementary therapies, that explore each patient’s specific diagnosis and deep-rooted mental health issues.

Through therapy and detox, we teach patients how to apply healthy changes: changes in behaviour rebalance the body chemistry and reduce anxiety symptoms.

We offer several specialised psychotherapy sessions for anxiety treatment:

For recovery to take place, we help patients during therapy to examine their anxiety, deal with its causes and learn healthy ways of coping with fear and reducing the chance of relapse. We teach patients how to actively participate in the process of their healthy growth and build on each day of sobriety in rehab treatment.

This participation takes effort and time. We help patients understand the roots of their anxiety and addiction problems, become willing to face them and determined to make healing changes in their life. Learning to deal effectively with fear and anxiety is part of the effort for achieving lifelong recovery.

Alternative therapies we provide that treat anxiety disorders include:

Diet and Nutrition

We also pay great attention to nutrition as it is one of the most important factors in recovery from chemical dependency and anxiety. People suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction often have nutritional deficiencies because they neglected their diet during active addiction.

The patients become active participants in their ongoing recovery by taking part in a daily routine of educational lectures, regular meals and exercise, relapse prevention training and 12-step support groups where they are equipped with effective coping strategies for living a sober life.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with an alcohol or drug problem alongside an anxiety disorder, we recommend specialised dual-diagnosis treatment. Contact us for more information on how to access our rehab programme, which addresses co-occurring illnesses like anxiety.

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