Our Programme Model

Making the decision to undergo residential addiction treatment at Castle Craig is the beginning of a life-long journey from admission and detox to relapse prevention and discharge.

Our patients leave us in excellent health and carrying a set of therapeutic skills and tools that last a lifetime, which include:

  • Impulse control
  • Therapeutic tools to combat negative feelings
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  (CBT)
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Relapse prevention techniques
  • Holistic therapy aids for mind, body and spirit
  • New, healthy dietary and fitness habits
  • 12 Step fellowship
  • New sober friends
  • Strong support networks that last a lifetime

At Castle Craig, we believe that addiction is a primary, chronic brain disease. As a result, patients must undergo an abstinence-based programme to achieve long-lasting recovery.

The specialised residential treatment that has been developed here at Castle Craig will help patients suffering from addiction get the personalised care they need to combat the disease.

therapy forms the basis of all addiction treatment at Castle Craig

Personalised Treatment Plans

We treat each patient who comes here as a unique individual with specific needs.

You may:

  • be addicted to alcohol or addicted to illegal or prescription drugs
  • have eating disorders or be addicted to gambling
  • have other psychological disorders
  • be old or young
  • be professionals from wealthy backgrounds
  • come from dysfunctional families
  • have lost everything due to your addiction

In the past, you may have:

  • lost a loved one and been unable to grieve properly
  • been physically or sexually abused
  • suffered from depression or other mental health disorders
  • been abused, been in an accident or fought in a combat zone and be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

Because of these varying circumstances, we ensure that your treatment plan is tailored to those needs.

Our expert team work together to prescribe a personalised combination of medical treatments, specialised therapies and complementary therapies alongside individual therapy and group therapy for each patient. Each personal treatment plan is grounded in the clinically proven 12 step model of addiction recovery.

The benefits of Castle Craig’s addiction treatment programme include:

  • Targeted care. Therapies that target the specific causes of the addiction can help prevent relapse in the future
  • Lasting recovery. The clinically proven, intensive treatment produces results that last
  • Life skills. Patients learn to cope more effectively and positively with difficult situations in the real world
  • Quality care. Our Consultant Psychiatrists, doctors and nurses who provide round-the-clock care, make thorough clinical examinations and assessments to ensure clinical care is focused and efficient and appropriate diagnoses are made
  • A chance for trust to build and form a healthy, open relationship between the patient and therapist

The 12 Steps

Known as ‘The Minnesota Model’, the 12 Steps is central to our abstinence-based model, which is clinically proven.

We introduce patients to the Twelve Steps from the beginning of treatment through educational lectures, group therapy & reading materials. They also attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Edinburgh or nearby towns.

Patients progress through the steps at a comfortable pace, allowing for real change to take place; it might take six weeks to complete the first few steps of treatment, each individual is different.

Castle Craig group therapy

12 Steps for Families and Loved Ones

Family members of patients at Castle Craig are invited to attend Al-Anon and Families Anonymous self-help meetings, held regularly on Sundays at the hospital, as well as in most people’s local communities or online. Al-Ateen meetings, aimed at teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics, are also offered at Castle Craig.

These support groups provide a chance for families to meet and share their experiences and problems.s can join in the daily routine of individual counselling and group therapy as soon as their physical condition permits.

Get Help for Alcohol or Drug Addiction Now

If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, getting help as soon as possible is critical. Trying to detox from drugs or alcohol on your own is dangerous and doesn’t address the underlying issues of your addiction. Instead, a structured rehab programme that includes detox, consultant psychiatrist care, medical treatment and psychotherapy provides a good chance for lasting recovery.

For non-judgemental help and advice, call 01721 728118.