12 Step Approach

A photo of group therapy in action

We treat alcohol and drug addiction as a primary, chronic illness and abstinence from these mood-altering substances are considered necessary for a complete and long-lasting recovery.  

We combine medically managed treatment, with a 12 step programme, as well as providing cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based therapies.

This is one of the most successful and recognised treatment approaches for drug and alcohol addiction in northern Europe and North America, and in many other parts of the world.

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Medically managed treatment at Castle Craig

Although the majority of a patient’s treatment experience will be based around psychotherapy and group therapy, the input of our medical team, led by consultant psychiatrists, is vital to our model of treatment.  There is at least one psychiatrist attending at the hospital every day of the week, and leading the multidisciplinary team.  We also have a full-time resident medical officer (GP), and full-time nursing staff.

12 Step treatment at Castle Craig

Although 12 Step treatment is not the only therapy provided at Castle Craig, it is still central to our abstinence-based model.  Patients are introduced to the Twelve Steps at an early stage through group therapy & reading materials, and patients also attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Edinburgh or nearby towns.  Patients complete the first 5 steps of the Twelve Steps as inpatients according to our core treatment programme.

12 Steps for families of alcoholics

Family members of patients at Castle Craig are invited to attend Al-Anon and Families Anonymous self-help meetings, held regularly on Sundays at the hospital, as well as in most people’s local communities or online. Al-Ateen meetings, aimed at teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics, are also offered at Castle Craig. These support groups provide a chance for families to meet and share their experiences and problems.