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Advanced Programme

Addiction treatment outline

You can stay with us for over six weeks

Broken lives take longer than just a few weeks to repair.

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12 weeks Gold Standard: Our Advanced Programme is an extended rehab programme lasting 6 weeks beyond our 28-day Foundation Programme.

Evidence shows that the longer you stay in treatment, the more chance you have of staying sober when you leave. 

  • It takes time to repair the physical damage of addiction and rebuild healthy bodies through good nutrition and personal training
  • It takes time to address deep-seated trauma, that must be explored slowly
  • It takes time to receive the full benefits of many therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). 

This is particularly recommended for people:

  • With a long history of addiction to drugs, alcohol or a compulsive behaviour
  • Who are experiencing prolonged drug withdrawal, especially from prescription drugs like benzodiazepines
  • With trauma that needs EMDR or DBT
  • With Dual Diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder which can include:
    • Cross addictions or dependencies which need addressing
    • PTSD or CPTSD
    • Food/Eating disorders
    • Mood disorders, personality disorders or depression including bipolar
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Who require more time to strengthen their coping skills and life skills.

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Strengthening the Foundations for a Long-Lasting Recovery

The Castle Craig Advanced Treatment Programme shows you how to:

  • Strengthen the gains made in our Foundation rehab programme
  • Receive further therapy to address complex issues
  • Receive medical supervision for long-term detox
  • Develop and practise additional life skills, coping mechanisms and recovery skills
  • Consolidate relapse prevention skills and deal with relapse triggers
  • Address long-standing mental health problems such as trauma
  • Gain more from long-term therapies such as DBT and EMDR
  • Reset and replace compulsive using patterns with new healthy patterns.


Advanced Therapy

Castle Craig’s Advanced Treatment programme provides a further level of therapy, particularly valuable for those with Dual Diagnosis or very complex issues, those with chronic pain or depression, or those who have had a prolonged drug withdrawal. It is also suitable for those who seek to strengthen relapse prevention skills, coping skills and life skills in a safe and supportive environment. 

The six-week Advanced programme includes Relapse Skills, DBT, Mindfulness, Life Skills and ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholics).

This is supported by psychoeducational lectures and presentations. 

Steps 6-12

The 12 Steps are a foundation for a new, sober life in Recovery. Many people leave short-term rehab just one or two weeks after admitting they have an addiction (Step 1) and that they need help (Step 2). Many people relapse because they are still in denial of their addiction. This is why we don’t accept people into Foundation treatment for less than 4 weeks plus continuing care.

Our Advanced Programme gives you the benefit of working through Steps 6 – 12 in therapist-led groups and in one-to-one therapy sessions.

Through Steps 6 – 12 you will:

  • Explore behaviours that didn’t work for you in the past and commit to moving forward
  • Try to repair damages to family and friends
  • Explore the direction you want your life to take
  • Develop a sense of connection and spirituality in life to help you grow in Recovery
  • Explore ways to share their experiences of recovery to help others. 

PRO Pathway, which combines inpatient (three weeks) with outpatient online rehab (weeks)

Treating Trauma Safely


Depending on the individual trauma, EMDR can produce results in one session or over a number of weeks. The important thing is that enough time is allowed for the person to receive the full benefits.

A full course of DBT can take between 6-12 months. While this can be continued once a patient leaves treatment, ideally a substantial number of weeks should be completed as an inpatient before leaving. At Castle Craig we explore the fundamentals in our Advanced Programme focussing on skills needed to regulate emotions which is extremely important in dual diagnosis.

Our Advanced Treatment Programme is open to anyone who has been through our 4 week, Foundation Treatment. 

Psychoeducational Lecture Series and Workshops

Lectures on the Advanced Programme have a focus on relapse prevention and include: 

Steps 8 & 9 – personal relationships, learning where we went wrong in the past and how to make amends to those we care about 

Refusal skills – learning how to say ‘no’ 

Building self-esteem 

The risks of perfectionism 

How to sabotage your recovery: Self-pity, blame, avoidance 

Adult Child of Alcoholics/Addicts.

Castle Craigs’ Addiction Treatment Programmes


  • Foundation – 4 weeks
  • Advanced – + 6-12 weeks (or longer)


  • Continuing Care (24 weeks)