We believe that addiction treatment is most effective when it’s customised to the individual being treated

We understand that every patient at Castle Craig has a unique story and unique needs.

So instead of a “one size fits all” approach, our expert staff of addiction specialists work directly with patients to craft a personalised treatment programme. This allows patients to address their behavioural addiction in a supportive environment that they themselves have helped create.

Why give programme options for addiction care?

We see the benefits of this level of personalised care for addiction treatment as:

  • Gives the patient ownership and responsibility in their own recovery
  • Focuses on the specific reasons for addiction, not just the behaviour itself
  • Holistically addresses the needs of the patient – physical, mental, and emotional
  • Treatment can evolve as the needs of the patient dictate
  • Better allows for customised relapse prevention strategies


What types of programme options does Castle Craig provide?

There are 4 types of treatment programmes Caste Craig offers that address the physical, mental, and emotional needs of our patients:

  • Targeted care – Therapies that hone in on the underlying causes of the addiction, looking at the reasons for the addictive behaviour
  • Lasting recovery – Treatments that have a longitudinal focus of how to not just get sober, but to stay sober
  • Life skills – Training patients to use methods other than their addiction to cope more effectively with difficult situations in the real world
  • Quality care – Round-the-clock access to and work directly with our team of psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses

What specialised behavioural addiction treatment programme options are available to patients?

Our team of behavioural addiction experts collaborates to pick and choose the best possible ways to treat an individual patient. Some patients have severe chemical and physical addictions to substances, such as alcohol or opioids, and others have behavioural disorders, such as gambling addiction or an eating disorder.

Treatment programme options include (but are not limited to):

What are the benefits of these individualised treatment options?

We’re not just stopping addiction – we’re giving our patients a chance at regaining their physical health and equipping them with a set of therapeutic skills and tools that will last a lifetime. From admissions, to detox, to treatment, to relapse prevention, we are constantly looking for opportunities for patients to not just overcome their addiction, but to grow as a person. More specifically, Castle Craig seeks to assist patients in:

  • Impulse control – learning how to balance short-term desires with long-term goals
  • Combat negative feelings – gaining the therapeutic tools to combat negative self-talk
  • Problem-solving skills – using CBT as a method for solving real-world issues
  • Relapse prevention techniques – preparing for future temptations and how to handle them
  • Sober networking – helping to create a group of supportive, sober friends
  • Develop healthy habits – encouraging new behaviours that advance patients’ mental and physical health
  • Holistic mindset – developing an understanding of how addiction affects their mind, body, and spirit