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Drumming Therapy

Drumming Aids Communication

Drum therapy is a therapeutic method that promotes self-expression and healing by either listening to the sounds of drumming or patients actively participating in drumming. This ancient method has been used for thousands of years to help maintain physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Research shows that drumming strengthens physical healing, feelings of well-being, boosts your immune system, and confidence. Drumming therapy also has proven to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and lessen the attention to chronic pain.

Drumming helps the mind focus and meditate, it releases blocked emotions and relieves stress.

How it Works

Drumming uses rhythm to promote healing and self-expression. It gets a group communicating, listening to one another and working as a team, which helps aid group therapy and involvement in the therapeutic community.

After a quick warm-up, one of the drummers starts a rhythm. One by one each drummer joins in with their own rhythm until a strong, vibrant beat is flowing. The facilitator then uses signals to give a series of instructions to the group. Patients can step up to take the place of the facilitator if they wish.

When you drum with a circle of people, you can find a connection with other people.  You will no longer feel isolated or alienated. The emphasis is on cohesion and fun among our experiential therapies.

Communication Aids Recovery

We combine drumming with the 12 steps, enabling patients to relax and talk about forgiveness and acceptance and work on releasing the negative emotions produced from their addictions.