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Women-Only Therapy Group

Just for women

At Castle Craig, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult for a woman to talk about the emotional pain and traumatic experiences she has gone through in a group that includes men.

Women’s Group provides a safe and comfortable setting for women in recovery to open up and share stories and feelings that they may otherwise keep hidden.

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There are a number of benefits to a women-only therapy group, including:

  • Non-confrontational, non-judgemental and compassionate environment for women to share their struggles, fears and anxieties
  • Sharing within a women’s only group creates a safe community
  • Members can develop a shared sense of empathy and community, find common issues and provide mutual support that can be transferred to a safe network once people leave rehabilitation and are back to their home environment
  • All-female groups provide a more supportive setting for treating co-occurring disorders that women commonly struggle with, such as trauma or eating disorders.
  • Women’s group therapy helps address specific social and emotional problems that are usually associated with substance use among women, such as:
    • Stigma
    • Negative portrayal of women in society and the media
    • Stereotypes about beauty and women’s sexuality
    • Motherhood
    • Social and familial pressure
    • Marital problems
    • Intimate partner abuse or codependency
    • Other interpersonal reasons that could contribute to addiction

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Experiences of All-Female Therapy

Three female residents in Castle Craig’s Serenity House talk about how women’s therapy has helped them open up more in therapy sessions.