Patients at Castle Craig can either pay for rehab treatment privately, or through medical insurance, and some patients receive funding through their national health insurer – in the United Kingdom this is the NHS or the local authority. We are committed to providing the highest quality rehab treatment possible to our patients at the most affordable price; this commitment ensures that you or your loved can afford the treatment programme that they need.

Value for our Patients

We care about our patients and we know that they may view the cost of rehab treatment as a financial burden. This is why we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, for the high quality of Consultant-led, residential treatment we offer. Our prices are between 25% and 50% cheaper than comparable treatment centres who provide professional medical and therapeutic care.

Private Admissions

Castle Craig accepts requests for treatment from private paying individuals.

Actions for admission as a private patient

  • Call our Admissions Department who will advise you on the different payment options.
  • A private admission can be arranged within 24 hours if needed and providing we have the following information:
    • A letter from your GP with some relevant medical history.  This ensures that admission is safe and suitable.
    • If, for a sensitive reason, you cannot involve your GP then please call us and we will see what other resources we can use.  In all cases, we require some form of medical information.

Before you arrive

We normally send a standard letter to your GP informing them of your request for treatment and our Consultant Psychiatrist may follow up by phone for relevant medical information and to ensure that patients will continue to be supported at the end of their rehabilitation programme.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist will conduct a pre-admission assessment to determine your suitability for treatment.  We can arrange this before we receive the letter from your GP, to ensure the fastest service possible. Before you arrive for treatment we will send you an admission information pack with details of what to expect when you arrive here.  If you need any further information our admissions staff will be more than happy to assist or you can look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Private Health Insurance

Our personalised, intensive treatment programme is covered by major private healthcare providers in the UK and abroad, such as BUPA, Aetna, Aviva, CIGNA, WPA, AXA PPP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry Health Care, JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union) and others. Admission through private medical insurance can be arranged very quickly, normally within 48 hours, providing we have all relevant information. Three actions for admission as a private patient with Private Medical Insurance:

  1. Find out if your insurance covers residential addiction treatment. Insurers who fund treatment at Castle Craig include: BUPA, CIGNA, Aetna, WPA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry Health Care, AXA PPP, JSIS (Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme of the European Union) and others;
  2. Request a referral to Castle Craig from your GP and send us your insurance number;
  3. We will liaise with your insurance provider and arrange for admission.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist may want to discuss your admission with your GP.  Getting more information about your medical history helps us to design the best personalised treatment programme to suit your needs.

What happens next?

Once we receive confirmation from your insurance provider our Consultant Psychiatrist will carry out a pre-admission assessment. We can arrange this before we receive the doctor’s letter, to ensure the fastest service possible. Before you arrive for treatment we will send you an admission information pack with details of what to expect when you arrive here and we will be happy to answer any further questions you might have over the phone or by email. We are usually able to offer immediate admission in an emergency.

How to get NHS Funding for rehab

Getting government funding for rehab (residential addiction treatment) is very difficult — but with persistence, and over time, it is possible. The purpose of this web page is to provide addicted people, as well as their friends and families, guidance on how to apply for NHS and/or local authority funding for residential rehab in a private clinic like Castle Craig Hospital.

The Steps

  1. Understanding Your Rights and How the System Works
  2. Keep Good Records
  3. Get Referred into the System
  4. Respect the KeyWorker and Follow their Recommendations
  5. Show Commitment Over a Long Period
  6. Eventual Assessment for Residential Rehab

For a detailed look at the six steps involved, please click here.

Treatment Cost

The cost of rehab may vary depending on what stage of treatment you enter and what kind of accommodation you choose. We have different packages available depending on whether you have a private room, a twin room or a shared room (accommodating 3 or 4 persons). Our costs include our treatment programme, full board and amenities. Call our admissions team for more information about what we include in our price of rehab treatment.

Executive Programme

This is our most exclusive, and bespoke option available at Castle Craig. Visit the executive rehab programme page for more details.

Rehab Treatment Costs

Castle Craig is a social enterprise which strives to serve the patients, families and the clinicians who use and need our addiction treatment services. We aim to keep the price of treatment as affordable as possible and to help people who are struggling to afford the cost of residential addiction treatment.  This means that what we charge for treatment is often lower than at other treatment centres. However, we will always provide the highest quality of treatment, of comfort and of safety for our clients. For full information about the cost of treatment at Castle Craig, please contact us by phone or email.

What if I can’t afford residential treatment?

For patients or families who struggle to afford residential rehabilitation, we are able to discuss alternative and more affordable treatment options and to give advice on funding options such as cross-border healthcare and funding via statutory services (NHS and social services). For more information please contact us by phone or email.

Length of Stay

Your recommended length of stay will be determined by your doctor. Patient choice and circumstances are also factors in determining the length of stay at Castle Craig. Our standard Intensive Treatment Programme lasts up to 6 weeks, and our Extended Treatment Programme starts from 4 weeks (A minimum commitment of 4 weeks treatment is required of all patients attending the Extended Treatment Programme).