Castle Craig accepts requests for treatment from private paying individuals.

Actions for admission as a private patient

  • Call our Admissions Department who will advise you on the different payment options.
  • A private admission can be arranged within 24 hours if needed and providing we have the following information:
    • A letter from your GP with some relevant medical history. This ensures that admission is safe and suitable.
    • If, for a sensitive reason, you cannot involve your GP then please call us and we will see what other resources we can use. In all cases we require some form of medical information.

Before you arrive

We normally send a standard letter to your GP informing them of your request for treatment and our Consultant Psychiatrist may follow up by phone for relevant medical information and to ensure that patients will continue to be supported at the end of their rehabilitation programme.

Our Consultant Psychiatrist will conduct a pre-admission assessment to determine your suitability for treatment. We can arrange this before we receive the letter from your GP, to ensure the fastest service possible.

Before you arrive for treatment we will send you an admission information pack with details of what to expect when you arrive here. If you need any further information our admissions staff will be more than happy to assist or you can look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Private Admissions

About Us

For over 29 years we have admitted patients from all over the UK and from abroad. We realise that everyone’s needs are different and we create individualised treatment plans for each patient.

Castle Craig is conveniently situated just 45 minutes drive from Edinburgh International Airport and Edinburgh Waverly train station and just over an hour’s drive from Glasgow Central station. We are also within easy reach of Newcastle and Carlisle. We can arrange to transport patients to Castle Craig from any of these locations.

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