Continuing Care

We provide all patients with personalised two-year continuing care plans that will benefit them after they return to their homes and communities. We consider continuing care essential to reduce the risk of relapse and we provide continuing support for our patients after they complete treatment.

Castle Telehealth – Online Aftercare

When you come to the end of your stay at residential rehab, going home can feel like a daunting experience. Even if you are excited to leave and looking forward to getting back to work or to your family, the first few months are likely to be a big adjustment. Through Castle Telehealth, our online treatment programme, we offer a 20 week continuing care plan for people who feel they need extra guidance as they navigate their new lives. 

Our online programme includes:

  • 1x online one to one session and 1x online group therapy session per week for 10 weeks, then and a weekly check-in for 10 weeks thereafter.
  • You will also benefit from access to the weekly Castle Craig aftercare group as well as ongoing access to our learning platform and online forum.

Over the course of 10 sessions of individual therapy via webcam, the Castle Telehealth Continuing Care Track guides you through implementing the principles of recovery into your daily life:

  • Implementing the principles of recovery;
  • Triggers to relapse;
  • Implementing alternative coping strategies, managing negative moods, anger and depression;
  • Exploring opportunities to renew relationships; enhancing social support network systems;
  • Relapse prevention; contingency planning for emergencies;
  • Moving forward, review of your continuing care plan.

You can join our Castle Telehealth Continuing Care programme no matter if you have been at Castle Craig or at another rehab clinic. For more information on availability and prices please contact our Admissions Department.

Free Aftercare Groups for our Patients

Currently our Aftercare groups are available on Zoom. Please email [email protected] for more details.

We hold free weekly continuing care group therapy sessions at Castle Craig Hospital, Scotland. For our clients based in London and the South of England, we offer a list of recommended London-based aftercare and relapse prevention groups that they can attend. All clients are encouraged to attend one or more of these weekly aftercare group sessions on an ongoing basis for at least two years after completing treatment at Castle Craig. Castle Craig Netherlands organises its own continuing care programme in Holland. Smarmore Castle, Republic of Ireland, organises continuing care meetings at Smarmore. These are free of charge.

Other continuing care services we offer include:

Support within your Community

Addiction is a life-long condition and we ensure that when our patients leave here they’re equipped with the right tools and are referred to the right people.  We refer patients back to their GP, referral agency, community addiction team, or any other medical practitioners involved in their care.  We arrange for a contact within the local AA / NA fellowship, usually a former patient of Castle Craig, to act as a ‘sponsor’ and help provide an introduction to these essential support networks.

Visiting Castle Craig

We offer patients the opportunity to return to Castle Craig at any time if they need advice or help. This includes weekly continuing care group therapy sessions, and personal therapy can be arranged.  Our annual reunions are a highlight event for both staff and friends of Castle Craig. (Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are sadly not able to have visitors at the moment).