Our structured and intensive daily schedule has been carefully constructed applying over 30 years’ experience in recovery programmes. It immerses patients in the programme in a safe and supportive environment and has a clear focus – abstinence.

Our schedule is designed to be varied and engaging and is occasionally altered based on the input and views of staff and patients.

A typical day on the Castle Craig Foundation programme will include rising at around 7:00am for meditation and breakfast, morning lecture and discussion session followed by group therapy. Afterwards relaxation and lunch followed by individual therapy some days, afternoon workshops and groups, fitness sessions and complementary therapy sessions are also provided most afternoons. In the evenings group shares are a regular occurance as are trips to local AA and NA groups (or Zoom sessions). At the same time patients will have some reading and ‘homework’ assignments to complete as part of their 12 Step therapy.


Page last reviewed and medically fact-checked | October 6, 2020