Relapse Prevention

In the above video, recovery coach David Charkham talks about the challenges faced by people coming out of residential addiction treatment.

Recovery is a lifelong process. We ensure that when the time comes for patients to leave residential rehab, all the necessary arrangements for their ongoing recovery are in place.

How We Plan for Ongoing Recovery

The Consultant Psychiatrist, focal therapist and Head Nurse devise a detailed discharge plan with the patient. This includes recommendations for further individual and group counselling (if necessary) and emphasises the importance of attending local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings regularly.

We put patients in contact with a member of their local AA/NA group, often a former patient of Castle Craig who is established in their own recovery and who can act as a ‘sponsor’, to provide guidance and support while the patient gets settled. 

We recommend that all patients attend weekly continuing care sessions for at least 2 years after leaving treatment.

Our specialist team liaises with GPs and referring agencies, to make sure that they are updated and involved in this process and that arrangements are in place to support patients’ ongoing care.

Page last reviewed and medically fact-checked | July 6, 2021