A Good Diet Reduces Cravings

Alcohol and drug abuse robs the body of important vitamins and minerals. A healthy, balanced diet improves organ function and digestion; it boosts the immune system; and it increases energy and mental alertness.  This helps patients focus on their recovery, increases positivity, and reduces cravings.

Catering at Castle Craig

Our contracted professional catering team use wholesome, nutritious ingredients and prepare all dishes with pride. We listen to our client’s suggestions and feed back comments to our caterers directly.

Out buffet, continental-style breakfast consists of a range of fruits, meats, cereals, cheeses and eggs. Lunch and dinner are both hot meals with a meat and vegetarian option. We supply plenty of fresh fruit and healthy snacks throughout the day as well as an evening snack before bed.

Tea and hot drink facilities are available throughout the day.

The water at Castle Craig comes from our own private supply of pure Scottish spring water.

Specialist Dietary Requirements

We provide dietary assessment and nutritional counselling for patients with eating disorders and we cater for special diets on religious or medical grounds.