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At Castle Craig, our free alcohol addiction assessments are available to anyone. It only takes 30 minutes of your time and could save your life

Let us know a time and date that suits you, and we’ll get in touch through your preferred method of contact.

During the free assessment, we will review your situation and find out more about your addiction. This will help us to put together the basis of a customised treatment plan in the hope that we can address the root cause of your addiction.

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Free alcohol addiction assessments

The first step towards treatment at an alcohol rehab is to undergo an assessment.

A free alcohol addiction assessment will identify if you are eligible for treatment here at Castle Craig, or if you are better suited to another facility that aligns with your requirements.

Our free assessments are carried out first by our admissions case managers, this is to identify if we can help you, or need to refer you elsewhere.

If you are eligible for treatment, we will then pass the information on to a reviewing psychiatrist, who will determine the best course of action and formulate a customised plan.

What to expect

You may be asked some basic questions over the phone.

Upon arriving at our facility, you can expect to receive more in-depth medical and psychological evaluations before progressing with treatment – this will be conducted by our consultant psychiatrist.

Assessments: what’s involved?

A robust alcohol addiction assessment, such as the one provided at Castle Craig, will cover the following: 

  • Telephone assessment: You will speak with an admissions consultant, who will gather a basic overview of your situation, your drinking use and history. From here, we will be able to help you understand your options. We’ll also answer any questions and address any special concerns you may have concerning the length of stay and costs.
  • Medical examination: When you join treatment the nursing team and onsite doctors conduct a full medical examination which includes examining your medical history and taking blood and urine samples as well as assessing vital functions such as blood pressure. 
  • Psychotherapy assessment: A qualified psychotherapist conducts a full biopsychosocial assessment, chronological substance abuse/behaviour history and a comprehensive needs assessment – all of which takes a few hours throughout a couple of days. This detailed analysis helps to identify underlying mental health conditions that are exacerbating the addiction, pinpoint treatment goals and objectives to shape your personalised treatment plan.
  • Psychiatrist assessment: A psychiatrist may also need to conduct a psychiatric assessment.

Your assessment must be performed by a qualified specialist and follow medical and psychological guidelines for determining the nature of your addiction.

This information serves as the basis of your alcohol rehab treatment plan as a professional diagnosis must be made.

We’re here for you

To undergo an assessment for free now call our admissions team to begin: 01721 722 763.

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If you need emergency mental health advice or medical support please call the NHS 24 helpline as soon as possible on 111. The advice is free and could save your life.

If you need advice on accessing rehab treatment for addictions, please call our 24-Hour Rehab Helpline on 01721 728118 to arrange a free addiction assessment or click here for more information.

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