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Cost of Treatment

Cost of rehab

The cost of alcohol rehab will quite possibly be the biggest consideration when it comes to choosing an alcohol rehab.

When it comes to choosing the right facility for you, we don’t lead with cost. Rather, we encourage potential patients to look into CQC (or equivalent) reports and staff numbers (no detox or addiction treatment should be carried out without psychiatrists or doctors).

When your life, or the life of someone you love, is truly at risk you want to make sure you spend your money on the right facilities and put your faith in the right people. For funding help, talk to us quickly here.

How much does alcohol rehab cost? 

Cost of rehab

  • Treatment lasts for 4+ weeks and includes continuing care after you leave.
  • Costs vary by room: Treatment costs include the type of bedroom option e.g. private ensuite room, or shared bedroom.
  • Costs vary by length of stay: Prices get cheaper for advanced stays and continuing treatment, which lasts longer than 5 weeks.
  • Costs vary depending on if you are an inpatient or outpatient: Outpatient therapy and treatments are far cheaper than long-stay residential treatments. However, for many people, outpatient therapy isn’t enough to keep them sober.

Why Castle Craig is a cut above the rest

We invest in our treatments and facilities on an ongoing basis, and we aim for our patients to leave us empowered, inspired, and with a new life ahead of them. To our knowledge, no other alcohol rehabs in the UK are able to boast the same level of on-site facilities, therapies, staff accreditations and medical team numbers that we have here at Castle Craig.

Many of our reviews describe our alcohol addiction service as “life-changing” and we can only attest these successes to our incredible medical and therapy team here at Castle Craig.

As a highly-rated, world-renowned facility, we offer groundbreaking and evidence-based addiction treatments that have shown to be successful across 10,000 patients we’ve treated at Castle Craig.

To deliver these exceptional therapies, we have a full team of therapists and psychiatrists, which might be hard to come by in your search.

More than this, our castle grounds also have a specialist detox facility, where our team of doctors and nurses can carry out medically-assisted detoxes in the safest possible way.

Why do we go out of our way to provide all these facilities? Because we care. We care about each and every patient that walks through our doors. Many of our therapists are in recovery themselves, and we strive to offer the best facilities possible with the resources we have. When you come to Castle Craig you will find something unique in the way we help addicted people. 

Call us for more detailed information about pricing and to receive a quote for your preferred treatment option. 

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