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Swiss study on alcohol and domestic violence

Alcohol is responsible in almost half of the cases of abuse against women, shows a recent study about domestic violence in Switzerland.

“The research project,” says Swissinfo, “assessed for the first time how many victims of actual or threatened physical, psychological or sexual violence in Switzerland are directly or indirectly also affected by alcohol problems.”

The study focused on the cases in which men were the abusers, which accounted for four out of five cases. In almost one out of two situations, the female victim was partner to a male with alcohol issues and in 4.3 percent of the cases, both partners have alcohol consumption issues.

In 25% of the domestic violence cases, one of the partners consumed alcohol just before the abuse.

“Many women who get victim consultation or call a women’s refuge have a partner who is violent and at the same time has an alcohol problem,” write sociologists Daniela Gloor and Hanna Meier, the authors of the study. “And many men who visit an abuse counselling centre or participate in a programme against domestic violence also have a problem with alcohol and violence.”

The study, commissioned by the Swiss Health authorities, underlines that alcohol abuse is one of the main causes of domestic violence and recommends that the support for abuse victims should include counselling for alcohol problems.

Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked | June 14, 2021