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New Treatment Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Dr Glynis Read PhD, has been appointed to the position of Treatment Coordinator at Castle Craig Hospital.

Glynis Read is a highly qualified and experienced psychotherapist, who will now oversee the management of our therapy teams and the development of the therapeutic programme. The position of  Treatment Coordinator is part of the senior management team, and Glynis will be working alongside Castle Craig’s Medical Director to ensure the highest standards of treatment for all our patients.

Glynis trained as an addictions counsellor at Hazelden, Minnesota and has been with Castle Craig for 18 years. Previously, she was the Head of Training at Castle Craig and coordinated the eating disorders and trauma programmes. She also has an MSc in cognitive behavioural therapy and she is an accredited EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) practitioner.

“It is a great privilege”, says Glynis, “to be appointed to the senior management team at Castle Craig Hospital as Treatment Coordinator. It is an exciting challenge to be part of the strategic planning, particularly the therapy, within the hospital. I look forward to engaging with the staff at the hospital to continue to develop Castle Craig as a centre of excellence in the treatment of addiction.”

Dr Margaret McCann, Chief Executive, describes the necessity for this new role: “Our growth as a leading addictions hospital means we need to add a strategic resource to our senior management team.”

“I welcome Glynis to this role – as Treatment Coordinator, she will lead the therapeutic treatment team as well as ensuring a constant focus on quality of care. It is a challenging job which involves oversight of a treatment team involving 28 therapy staff across 2 separate units.”

New Manager for Castle Craig Amsterdam

Meanwhile in the Netherlands, therapist Ferd-Jan van Kemenade has recently been appointed as the manager of Castle Craig’s Amsterdam clinic.

Ferd-Jan has been with Castle Craig since 2010. “Five years ago”, remembers Ferd Jan, “I was very proud to start working as a chemical dependence counsellor for Castle Craig Netherlands. I started off helping patients with their aftercare, overseeing the integration of Twelve Step Facilitation into our continuing care.

In the past few years I was able to start exciting new projects “ eHealth, cross-border treatment and we opened a great clinic in Amsterdam with an outpatient day programme.”

From now on, Ferd-Jan will assume responsibility for the Amsterdam clinic.  “I hope to be a team leader ‘Primus inter Pares’ (first among equals),” he says, “Castle Craig Netherlands is growing quickly, we now have four heads of treatment, all with their own areas of speciality. Our treatment programme is growing too and we have developed specific treatment modules for those patients that have co-occurring problems.”

Ferd Jan will be responsible for bridging the gap between finance, policies and implementation of care programmes and the renewal of care policies.

Page published: July 8, 2015. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked March 8, 2021