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Pornography Addiction Is Anything But Harmless

Looking at pornography may seem like a natural thing to do in moderation but when you look at porn excessively, however, it can take over your life in a negative way. According to the American Osteopathic Association, 40 million people in the U.S. visit internet porn sites on a regular basis- both children and adults. Treatment must be sought out in order to maintain your relationships and to control your sexual urges.

Other than an excessive view of porn, porn becomes a problem when it interferes with your normal daily behaviors. Consequences would not matter to you even if it destroys your career, your marriage, or your health. You feel that you cannot get aroused without searching for porn or with your partner. PsychGuides says that 88% who are addicted to porn end up being violently aggressive with 49% being verbally aggressive. You could end up being emotionally disconnected or wanting to be more dominant. Depression or anxiety could be a co-occurring disease with porn addiction as you could use porn as a way to relax and feel better.

Physical effects of porn could be impotence and premature ejaculation. Mental effects are that you could feel confusion, guilt, and shame in your unhealthy habit. Your desire for real life sexual contact could diminish, be obsess about sex with random strangers, or constantly wanting to have sex right away.

People do porn in order to feel rewarded which will make someone want to look at it constantly. Having a sex drive is already natural as well as important and enjoyable so people would want to experience more and more of that feeling. Pornography is also easy to obtain whether it is from the internet, pay-per-view, or a magazine. Addicts can also develop this addiction from constant sexual rejection so they want to be able to experience sex in another form.

Treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy can change your negative thoughts into positive or functional ones. Mindfulness therapy can make you more aware of your thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and behaviors. Psychodynamic therapy can figure out which unconscious drives, memories, and conflicts can influence behavior. There are also 12 Step programs as well as marriage counseling. Medications such as Naltrexone and anti-androgenic medications can reduce sexual urges. It is important for pornography not to take over your life and to learn to control your sexual appetite in a healthy way.

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