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What Anxiety Feels Like

Anxiety is when you suffer extreme apprehension and worry which can affect everyday situations and relationships. Anxiety is not a disorder to take lightly as side effects include panic attacks, headaches, frequent urination, insomnia, having trouble sleeping, depression, and much more. If you know someone with anxiety, it is best to understand what they are thinking and feeling to better emphasize with them.

According to University of North Alabama student Bridgette Borden, having anxiety is being afraid that something is not right and your mind will play tricks on you to make you believe everything is wrong. Your constant worries leads you to feel depressed because you start to hate yourself for believing you are crazy. Being in a depressed state makes you want to isolate yourself from the world and everyone around because you are too ashamed to be around people. You also tend to feel like you are alone in your illness and that no one will understand.

Young adult author Candace Ganger says that anxiety causes her to hate being in large crowds. She knows that the world is a dangerous place which will make her feel like she will suffocate and her life will be over. She also needs to know the exact route of where she needs to go at all times so that she does not get lost as well as avoiding routes that can lead to potential car accidents.

Northeastern University student Alivia Hall believes that anxiety is when you feel something is wrong but you do not know what. Your stomach feels like it twisted itself and that it cannot be undone. Anxiety makes you feel like your mind is on fire as it is overthinking and over analyzing everything. Your thoughts are running in different directions and keep bumping into each other. There are also times where your mind feels blank and you are not mentally present. A voice constantly tells you that something is bad and that you are different from everyone when your mind is lying to you. When you have trouble sleeping, it feels like there is a light bulb in your head that will not turn off which makes you toss and turn. Your body can feel tired but your mind is awake. The best way to support someone with anxiety is to take their feelings seriously and to let them know you will be there for them.

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