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Got Soul!

Got Soul is a charity, founded by Maryam Ghaffari in 2012 to help people out of loneliness and isolation through soul and R n B music, and to make a difference in the community. Since then the Got Soul Choir has now run hundreds of workshops, performed in some of the country’s most prestigious music venues and expanded to Glasgow and Dundee.

Maryam is a former therapist at Castle Craig Hospital and was keen to return to give something to the patients, and she certainly did.

She and members of her choir gave an enthusiastic and energetic evening of singing and movement on 27th April. She was dynamic, positive and was able to relate the evening to recovery with a message of hope. She managed to get patients from Castle Craig, Kirkurd House and Extended Treatmentto have fun, sing in harmony and move rhythmically during the evening.

Comments from our patients and staff after the performance were very positive

“A very unifying and satisfying experience-my love of singing has been re-ignited.”

“Recognition that the groups, by working together, can affirm the gifts in others around them and be there to support them in a non-judgement, non-critical way.”

“An excellent evening with deep meaning.”

“It was amazing, got a lot of positive vibe in me”.and coming out of my comfort zone.”

“It was fun and a good sober time.”

“I could express myself in the way I love it’s healing for me!”

“What a fantastic evening, what an inspiring and loving woman Maryam is!”

‘Good for group spirit’.

All in all it was an inspirational, fun and moving evening.

Page published: May 14, 2018. Page last reviewed and clinically fact-checked January 27, 2020