Just after 9am outside most chemist shops in Scotland you can see groups of emaciated people gathering. They are waiting to get their ‘dose’ of Methadone, prescribed to help them withdraw from heroin. It’s becoming a familiar sight all over the UK and it’s a lucrative business, with some chemists receiving over £100,000 a year for dispensing
In early recovery, just walking past a favourite bar or meeting a joint-smoking friend can be enough to start a strong craving; so can arguing with a family member or partner. Sitting in the sun and feeling really good can start cravings too. Or sitting in the rain! Help! Just about anything can start cravings! We had
Symbols. Heroes. Role models. These are some of the tags we attach to our favorite sportsmen. Watched by millions and adored for their endurance and will, we look up to sports-people and at times see them as infallible. When news breaks of sports-people suffering from substance abuse, they are criticised and deprived of the appreciation they have
We’ve recently launched a new information section on our website with information about detoxification from alcohol, heroin, cocaine and cannabis. This section includes interviews with Dr. Margaret McCann, CEO of Castle Craig Hospital, and Prof. Jonathan Chick, Castle Craig’s Medical Director. The biggest misunderstanding about detox is that it is a substitute for treatment, or that it
In November last year Lars Von Trier said that he was in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and that he did not think he was able to make good films anymore. He said “There is no creative expression of artistic value that has ever been produced by ex-drunkards and ex-drug-addicts”. In a recent interview he announced his
Dorien is from Utrecht in the Netherlands. She was a patient at Castle Craig Hospital for four months in 2008. She started abusing alcohol from the age of 17, drinking in her bedroom every day and hiding it from her parents. Dorien was a ‘functioning’ alcoholic for 18 years but at the age of 35 she lost her
The precise history of the term “codependency” is unknown, but it is first thought to have been used in the late 1970s at treatment centres in Minnesota, the birthplace of the Twelve Steps model of addiction treatment. Melody Beattie, the author of several successful self-help books on the subject and the person credited with first popularising the