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How to Know if You Need Rehab?

How to know when inpatient treatment in a residential rehab centre is advisable for alcohol problems or alcohol misuse. You can speak with our addiction consultants….

How to Build an Alcohol-Free Social Life after Rehab

Adjusting to a new sober social life in recovery from alcohol or drugs addiction is difficult. At Castle Craig, we prepare patients for a sober life through therapy, relapse prevention classes, and our continuing care programme….

Alcohol Rehab - how to get the support and help you need


Cross Addiction. Addiction to drugs (Alcohol, Cocaine, Suboxone, Methadone, Fentanyl, Amphetamines) or behaviour (gambling, porn, sex, gaming, eating), is at greater risk of developing addiction to another substance or behaviour….

Dealing with Addiction

This section gives you advice on how you can approach the problem of addiction, either with yourself or a loved one….

Employer Responsibilities

Castle Craig is a residential addiction clinic. We support companies, business and employers dealing with the impact of addiction on workers and professionals….

Helping Friends to Cope with Addiction

Whether you are the family, friend or colleague of someone with addiction to alcohol, drugs or gambling, you are not alone. Read some helpful coping skills….

Coping with the Stigma of Addiction

Stigma and discrimination against alcoholics & drug addicts can make it harder to seek help. Read about how to cope with stigma & its effects in addiction….

ADHD and Addiction

At Castle Craig, patients gain insight into how their ADHD contributed to their addiction. Through specialised therapy, patients learn new skills to cope with the symptoms of ADHD without the use of alcohol or drugs….

Addiction and the Workplace

We offer professional support on alcohol & drug problems among executives, directors, managers and staff in the workplace. We offer addiction advice & rehab for employers, businesses & companies….

Asking Your Boss for Time Off to Attend Rehab

Disclosing to a manageror boss that you need time off from work to attend rehab can feel intimidating. Castle Craig Rehab offers professional advice on how to speak to your employer about your addiction problems….

Help & Advice

Our Addiction Information & Resources section is aimed at helping people who are suffering from alcohol, drug or behavioural addiction problems with information and advice on handling the physical and psychological symptoms of this illness…

Top Addiction & Rehab Myths

Our alcohol & drug addictions therapist writes about some of the most common myths about alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, willpower, the 12 Steps, addiction recovery….