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Online gambling vs real gambling

8 Reasons why online gambling is more addictive than casino gambling

Online Gambling vs Casino Gambling In 1996 the first-ever real stakes online casino was launched.  Rehab Costs & Options for Alcohol | Drugs | Other addictions Now there are thousands of gambling sites, and millions of gamblers place their bets and participate in the world of online gambling.  It might seem like harmless fun to start with, but Sheldon Adelson, Chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp., the largest bricks and mortar casino operating company in the world, describes online gambling as ‘fools gold’ and ‘a societal train wreck waiting to happen. The ‘Richest Man in Vegas’ may have a vested interest in attacking…

FAQ on Problem Gambling

Gambling is a growing problem in the UK and other areas of the EU. As gambling machines become as popular as candy machines in local shoppes, it is important to understand when a gambling habit becomes a gambling problem. Gambling addiction is a recognized mental illness for which treatment is available. Learn more….